Passion in dineresque “military” part

Passion in dineresque “military” part

From you ridiculous of course, and in the occupied passions of sophistic. Here and 37th year, and a parody of the USSR, and love triangles, everything is there.

Yeah, I know sho you are jealous and waiting in line only to change Schaub peaceful life for the patrols, Katsap and shelling, but bear with me. God willing, saharat get out of the binge to 3018 year and still get wwise in nedoroie with all the consequences.

In the meantime, will talk about how to train spiritually, all in the occupied Russian Donetsk.

The other day there was an emergency in Donetsk, and in the so-called military unit, which is based in the area of the Motel. If someone does not know what in those parts is based the so-called 11th regiment diarynote. You do not say anything and doesn’t scare you? Strange fucking. The orcs somehow believe they sho NATO is afraid of

Well, okay. Tell Shaw happened. Grab the popcorn.

Fuck toad Viper. No, not so. Of Jons praporshiki dynyra the weapon of the killed ahvitsera dynyra. Why ? Because Shaw in Europe, some faggots,and in Donetsk from the word stamen a little faint. SchA all will understand

There was currica,which was mastala of lurvvve big passionate. So it got himself a lover. Moreover, a whole ahvitsera dynyra.

But… Fortunately prevented a home wrecker. The other woman was richer wife praporshiki dynyra in times pitstsot, younger and more beautiful. Well, until the wife of trapanese dynyra found out Shaw who will get after the divorce with her husband, a fatal jensina spiritual origin took lover official wife praporshiki. Agree,spirituality and hurogvinostsy pravoslavnutostyu situation rolls.

But about all under the order. First there was spirituality. Of Jons of trapanese dynyra cheated on her husband with oficerom dynyra. It was serious and Orthodox: while Horny husband is scared of NATO soldiers, of Jons lit himself with oficerom.

Then dinaricum tired of hiding. Of Jons decided to file for divorce,for the husband horns already tore down wires in the street,and orcs-colleagues openly laughed out loud at trapanese dynyra. In short, dispersed abizyan plus or minus peacefully, with only divorce papers to wait.

Spiritual generiska Shmarov left three children Horny husband rented an apartment separately the amplitude and dragged all my gear to live happily. By the way, this joblo Valet for Orthodoxy, Schaub you understand.

Adnaka… Vnezapno… Proizashlo spiritual floss. Good people reported still legitimate Jons horned praporshiki rinity sho her ahvitser is clamped in a cafe with some bitch. -Well, it’s vaaaasche… Nothing is sacred fucking said Jons of trapanese dynyra and went to oficeru dynyra in the cafe.

Good people do not lie – ahvitser clamped a whore who works in the Prosecutor’s office dynyra in plain sight in one of the cafes of Donetsk. Orthodox Horny slut decided to oficeru cold revenge: she took a picture of lovebirds in the same cafe and began to wait for the time when the duty coincides with the duty ahvitsera.

NEMA nicho funny, what the fuck are you laughing at? But the motherfuckers in Donetsk no. And whores… Whores is eternal. Grab the popcorn,then it will be more interesting

In short, the conversation ahvitsera and Orthodox slut did not work – the traitor got 6 bullets in the stomach from a legitimate zhony of trapanese dynyra live in the duty room. But that’s not all. Jealous one was bladisat with znakomstvami and relatives in Ministerial circles: after the verdict traitor Orthodox Horny slut she called a Prosecutor’s office dynyra. Well, friends + relatives.

Came type the military Prosecutor’s office dynyra and… And gently broke pizdov horned avenger. Why gently? Schaub to hush up the case – say, ahvitser, bastard non-Orthodox wanted to dishonor jaun praporshiki dynyra,she fought back as best they could, but had to stand not on gizzi and death.

Bitch, read the last sentence and I almost cried from the unbearable existence. And you?

But… but there were too many witnesses spiritual dirty trick among the orcs . So. jealous Madame orcs kicked the shit out of wonder. However, found out how to get horned chicken. Grab the popcorn, we’ll announce excuse.

So, excuse: Horny slut, she’s a legitimate Jons of trapanese dynyra, discharge the weapon. Adnaka… Unsappy… She heard strange sounds from the darkness… In the duty room. The jaune shouted loudly: -Hey you, American DRGs, come out, for I’ll shoot. But DRG was silent. Then the Horny slut decided to sho it is an attack on the part and decided to punish the mercenaries from Zimbabwe, therefore, has released 6 bullets in the direction of the sound. In General, the lighting is bad in the duty room, because it all turned out. Accident shorter.

Morality from such generiska zashitniki Orthodoxy actually: afraid of gays, cross to the blisters, and do fuck sho rabbits. Fu fucking.
Fascists Donetsk

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