Paul Demchina about the methods of NABOO: alcohol, car accidents, strip clubs, casinos

Detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine is ready to resort to provocations to document potential suspects in the Commission of corruption crimes

In particular, the security personnel have recorded the intention to provoke a traffic accident, a visit to a strip club and even created a real casino for the budget for these purposes. This was at the briefing said the first Deputy head of the SBU Paul Demchina, reports DS.

According to him, excited against him a criminal proceeding, including, was also the revenge of NABOO and personally the Director of the Bureau of Artem Sytnik cases, the SBU opened against members of the NABOO, and also revealed evidence of illegal activities of NABOO.

Demchina believes that this story began with the administrative Protocol on corruption, the Deputy chief of Department ensure the work of the Director of NABU Catherine Vezeleva Borisov in August 2016. She was charged with training that is not teaching, and therefore cannot be combined with work in NABOO. “The first instance of this Protocol was held in district court. And then I was contacted by the people on behalf of Sytnyk with a request not to do so,” said damkina.

Other identified violations were related to the work of the detectives NAB. First and foremost, the SBU believe that the entire secret intelligence network of the Bureau hired illegally, since staff must be employed on the basis of open competitions. “In fact, we have about 30 people who are illegally recruited in the NAB illegally get paid,” said damkina.

He also said that in addition to the illegal employment of detectives organized provocations. In particular, in the famous case of the Deputy Chairman of the State migration service of Dinah Pinachevo detectives, according to Demchina, agreed to drink her alcoholic beverages, to provoke extortion.

“Literally says: she’s not answering. Agent Katherine says: water! And if it is not heavy to drink? Offer! Let me down! Still utuli, where it should be. Did it work?”- told Demchina.

In the same case during the searches were found unaccounted special equipment for listening. “Why was not technique? If it is illegal without a court order to conduct the event, and then someone finds it, not to say that it’s you and no responsibility,” he explained.

During these searches were found the plans of provoking to bribe an employee of the NBU. “Possible contact with an individual: to provoke the accident near the place of residence when discussing the circumstances of the accident to make contact, as an apology to offer the trip to the restaurant … it is possible to organize a trip to a strip club, a massage parlor and ensure that their rights in this institution, during the holidays to make photographs” — read Demchina materials NABOO.

Also, according to him, detectives for public funds organized casino. “Mr. Sytnik signs the cost of creating the casino, a few hundred thousand. For what? And in order for there came to police and demanded money from them and they accept it. Do you think this casino will come to check the official category? I don’t think. The district or operas. To do this, NABOO?” says Demkina.

In addition, according to him, these searches were found printouts of conversations marked “top secret”, which are generally not to be removed from the premises of NABOO.

“And that’s when we all gathered, took up his head and looked, turned out that one of the ships on NABOO statement obliges us to return it to them. That is all the evidence of these crimes,” says Demkina.

We will remind, the day before the NAB announced Demchyn suspicion of illicit enrichment, in particular, in the design of a number of rights of ownership of the wife civil. Demchina denied the charges, as legally established fact of the absence of accommodation with the defendant in the case of one family.

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