Philippine President may resign due to serious illness

Rodrigo Duterte, scandalmoney the Philippine President said about his bad health, and even promised to leave his post, if doctors find he has a serious disease, reports replyua.net.

“I don’t know the condition of my health, I need to wait for the results,” – said the head of state, during his meeting with graduates of the Philippine military Academy. He also admitted that recently was in the hospital due to exacerbation of Barrett. The disease was discovered a few years ago and is classified as pre-cancerous inflammation of the esophagus. In addition to other things, Duterte also complained about constant migraines and pain in the spine.

“If it’s cancer, then so be it. If it’s the third stage, the treatment will not. I’m not going to prolong the agony nor the post, nor any more”, – said the President of the Philippines. Recall Duterte took the post in 2016. His term of office will expire only in 2022. And yet, in March of this year, Zeid RA’ad al Hussein, UN high Commissioner for human rights invited the Philippine President to undergo a test by a psychiatrist. This proposal was made after Duterte said that “would be happy” to kill all the drug addicts living on the territory of the Philippines.

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