Poroshenko: the Government before the election is able to withstand the attacks of the populists and demagogues

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko sure that the authorities are able to withstand the attacks of the populists in the beginning of the electoral period.

“Policy has not made any findings and again entered in the competition unrealistic promises. The decibels through the roof. But the country is a responsible power, capable of before the election, to withstand any attack power of populists and demagogues. And how after the election, do you have a question? And after the election, as the people will decide. And in the wisdom of our people as the Supreme sovereign of Ukraine, I never doubted,” said Poroshenko at the meeting with representatives of business associations “the Dialogue of power and business” on Wednesday in Kiev.

He stated the need to prevent as a result of the election to power of the populists, as in this case, Ukraine will have to pay a high price. “We need concerted efforts to stop the advance of populist not to allow the populists to power, because the state will pay a very heavy price. All tests that people have experienced in recent years may be in vain, will be reduced to zero achievements. And their experiments can lead the country to political and economic shocks,” — said P. Poroshenko.

The head of state noted that in the pre-election period in Ukraine is approaching “Typhoon of frenzied populism”. “During the election period, when drugs are much more popular than drugs, figuratively speaking, significantly complicated the adoption of any reform decisions,” — said the President.

He stressed that the economy does not respond well to slogans, and to maintain and accelerate the growth of GDP and living standards is possible only through absolutely responsible economic policy. “Served cheap cheese only in a mousetrap. Cheap gas serves in the Russian cell. Is that so you can perform a fantastic promise to reduce gas prices by 2 times, 3 times or 5 times”, — said P. Poroshenko.

The next presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine scheduled for 2019.

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