Poroshenko: the Key to a European future of Ukraine — in a quality education

One of the main directions of the European integration of Ukraine is to improve the quality of education, says the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“I am convinced that the key to this (European – if) future is not only bezviz, it is not only reforming the economy, legal and political system is updated and quality education”, — said P. Poroshenko on Tuesday at the national conference “New Ukrainian school – start the reforms, the participation of the communities.”

According to the head of state, Ukraine needs education, with whom she is on equal terms will be included in the European educational space.

“The last four years has clearly demonstrated – we have absolutely no other alternative than movement in the European Union. This strong political will of the Ukrainian authorities, is the strong political will of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian nation”, — said P. Poroshenko.

The head of state reminded he signed last year a new law on education, which became the start of reforms in this area. According to the President, work on the implementation of the law is just beginning and its implementation in life depends the fate not only of the law and education, but the fate of the state.

“We must admit and understand that we face a huge work to implement its provisions, and therefore the implementation of our expectations,” — said the President.

He recalled that in order to improve qualification of teachers of primary schools, the Parliament and government envisaged in the state budget of UAH 370 million. “This is our common political will for priority of the state budget expenditures”, — said P. Poroshenko.

The President also stressed the importance of training of teachers of foreign languages.

He stressed that the government has allocated significant resource “is more than a billion hryvnia,” — the educational subsidy, but the local authorities are used not in full. “My friends like to call it? If you are delayed for a year, this year is going to be gone for the new Ukrainian first graders. Declare – there is no excuse”, — said P. Poroshenko.

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