Poverty, hypocrisy, misery. What is the Soviet Union

Poverty, hypocrisy, misery. What is the Soviet Union

The USSR is not the soda machines, and the GULAG and 4 million denunciations.

The USSR is out of power and poverty as the norm.

The USSR is hypocrisy. While the ostentatious-Westernism trip abroad is encouraging, and the thing from abroad — an unprecedented success.

The USSR is a “friendship of peoples” in the background of the policy of de-nationalization, deportation and contempt for other cultures.

The Soviet Union is a sameness in all. In clothes, in food, in song, in thought.

The USSR is the shortage and the lack of any progress.

The USSR is a communal apartment where one kitchen and one corridor at all. Where the word “neighbor” takes on a special meaning.

Soviet Union — a ban on travel abroad, it is a prison for foreign currency transactions, a ban on all political activity outside the Communist party.

The Soviet Union is a ban on private enterprise. The ban on private property as such. A person does not and should not be anything personal, your. Man belongs to the public, not themselves.

The USSR is the all-pervading censorship and no freedom of opinion and dissemination of information.

The USSR is constantly lies, mediocrity and timidity.

Soviet Union is the pioneer line, Komsomol meetings, public censure and condemnation. Humiliation in front of all the dithering and humiliation of all individuality.

The USSR is widespread cronyism, and extortion.

The USSR is the imposition of militarism and Imperial consciousness in early childhood.

USSR — leveling.

USSR — the lack of personal hygiene.

The USSR is the misery of everyday life.

Soviet Union — a sense of meaninglessness and the absurdity of what is happening.

The Soviet Union is a disrespect to the person. In school, in College, at work officially aspire to the personal space of the person. And this is the norm.

The USSR is the promotion of each iron, queues and empty shelves.

Soviet Union — is a constant expectation and fear of war.

The Soviet Union is a paragraph in the questionnaire “puts personal interests above the public”.

The USSR is suspicious of everyone who stands out.

The USSR is the inability to read, watch and listen to what you want.

USSR — a place for sausage, where people lost consciousness.

The USSR is the attitude to man as an expendable.

The USSR is the nationality clause.

The USSR is the hopelessness of tomorrow, imitation of life itself. This vital activity.

USSR — hatred of the mind and the love machine.

USSR — corrosive anti-Semitism descent from the top, reaching the last communal kitchen.

The USSR is a humiliating lack of choice in everything.

USSR — this handshaking and awe head. Groveling before power.

Soviet Union — this is when the end justifies the means.

The USSR is the ideology of hate, envy and meanness.

The USSR is the opposite of freedom as such. The lack of freedom of movement, freedom of conscience, freedom of opinion, freedom of thought. And constant declarations, meetings, parades, speeches, processions, plans, rules, posters, Board of honor, Board of shame — a huge, plywood cover for the true picture of things.

The Soviet Union is a lie and lie again. A violent perversion of chelovesky nature. Substitution of all human values.

USSR — the longest in the history of the genocidal regime that is today put monuments.

Alexander Of Tver

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