Presidential candidate of Georgia, Natelashvili has called for public protests if the authorities falsify the results of the elections

Presidential candidate of Georgia, the leader of the labour party Shalva Natelashvili at a live broadcast on Georgian television on Sunday urged the Georgian people to overthrow the government if they will allow election fraud.

“If the authorities falsify the elections, I urge everyone to take to the streets and topple this government”, — said Shalva Natelashvili.

According to him, the signs of election fraud are already available. He urged all voters to participate in elections.

Another candidate for President of Georgia nominated by the former ruling party “United national movement”, Grigol Vashadze said on numerous violations revealed in the course of voting.

“Already a lot of complaints and comments. The ruling party “Georgian dream” is preparing for the election fraud”, declared G. Vashadze to journalists after voting at a polling station in Kutaisi.

“We win these elections. This also caused the hysteria of the authorities. I expect our victory, it will be in the first or in the second round — it’s up to the voter. Defeat will not” — said Vashadze.

Only in the presidential election in Georgia was attended by 25 candidates.

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