Promoters are testing public reaction to the return of Crimea to Ukraine, said former Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Andrey Senchenko.

At rostv talking about the return of the Crimea / photo Unioncredit the Russian is preparing for the possibility of the return of the annexed Crimea to Ukraine. This is indicated by the change in the rhetoric in the Russian media.

Said the former Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Andrey Senchenko, transfers “observer”. According to him, now the Russian government is testing the reaction of its citizens to that if the Peninsula will have to give.

Read takeitem important new resolution of the UN General Assembly on Crimea (Ukr.)

“When we proposed a systemic perspective on responsibility for some of the Crimean people for crimes against the state of Ukraine, responded to the Russian Central channels. And now they have the channel “Russia-1”, which is the rating of the show “60 minutes.” So they 27 minutes out of 60 devoted to our law. And that is important – in their Studio-trained agitators three times in the air gave the following sentence: “so now, if we have to return the Crimea, the Crimea will have to kneel and beg forgiveness?” – gave an example of Senchenko.

He stressed that although it was a lie, because rossm distorted the provisions of the proposed bill, but nonetheless, they drew attention to the fact that “the Crimea will have to return.”

“They are testing the reaction of the population. And when the sanctions pressure will be at the level that they will feel how the structure wobbles and is on the verge of destruction – then begin serious negotiations”, – the politician summed up.

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