Putin in Crimea did not beat the laws of physics

Putin in Crimea did not beat the laws of physics

Now, what would you think upon hearing the message of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories that, according to the results of satellite imagery, the construction of the Kerch bridge moves?

What clubhand occupants added to the main two national problems: fools and roads, the third – digging fools road where this is prevented by physics, Geology, strength of materials and international law? Well, let’s say.

And if you said that in response to information of the Ukrainian Mineta himself Kerch bridge on his page on Facebook broke the lengthy review?

Yes. It is the bridge and not the press-service of construction forms or the brave Russian foreign Ministry, decided to appease his fans and wrote: “Now your mood will shift in the direction of fun, and I’ll be there always.”

Now what would you think? – What are they all quoting Boris Nemtsov, “…nulis”? And would be absolutely right, – says Larisa Voloshina.

– When it comes to the Kerch bridge, the word “moved” can be interpreted as anything. Can’t go wrong.

If without jokes, the satellite detected what scientists have long warned. From the Crimea “marked objects with a vertical displacement with a speed of 89 mm (subsidence) to 52 mm (lifting)”.

According to a senior researcher of the Institute of water problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences Yuri Medovar, sagging bridge, the evidence of bias “in multidirectional movements.”

“There is a heaving in the opposite direction. Squeezed piles. If they are squeezed, it is very bad”, – concludes Medovar.

His words were confirmed by the Israeli hydrogeologist Ali Belenson. In his article, he conducts research on soil density and soil composition. According to him, this place is absolutely can not build any bridges.

Instead listen to the opinion of scientists, Russian media quoted the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian company “stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg in September had said that the Kerch bridge will stand for 100 years.

It is not history in news reporting? It is madness to hope to “beat” the laws of physics with the help of propaganda.

The bridge was doomed to failure. As doomed to disaster of another PR project of the Russian President – “Russian Crimea”.

Kerch bridge was a snag that Crimeans were offered as panacea from all misfortunes. Supposedly, if you build it, it will get better. In the Crimea will flow tourists, quality products, light, water and jobs.

At the beginning of the occupation, many Crimeans were confident that the Crimea is important to Putin that the occupation is his chance to go down in history as the “gatherer of lands”.

Experts, including Ukrainian, assured that Russia will do from the occupied Peninsula “showcase of the Russian world”. Such a Klondike. One example given was West Berlin during the cold war, in which donors have invested huge amounts of money. Only the Western part of the city was never occupied, was not under sanctions and was not cut off from the civilized world.

In order to understand that the promises of occupants to shed in the Crimea it rain, will remain a fairy tale, it was enough to see how “thriving” the Russian-occupied part of Georgia where there is a land border.

Or learn how to live “native-canonical” Russian regions, which no one occupied. According to experts, the level of destruction of infrastructure there reaches 75%. The indicator is comparable with the destruction after large-scale fighting.

Was wrong all. When the decision on the “accession” of the Crimea, such things as the standard of living of the captured population were not taken into account. As were not taken into account the concerns of scientists, when had the opportunity to earn during the construction of the bridge obviously unsustainable.

Even if Russia was a rich and well-groomed, well-fed as Europe, it still would not have been able to build in the occupied Crimea fabulous Eldorado.

The territory, which is under sanctions, cannot flourish. In just five years, the invaders turned the Ukrainian Peninsula in the island of bad luck. Here talking falling bridges and crumbling roads owolosenie, the lights go out, no water and no garbage disposal.

Even in order to bring in the Crimea subsidized money, you need to seriously invest. Banks got there either. At least the state.

Returning to the bridge to get it from the Peninsula, must pass three examinations in three checkpoints. Prices in the Crimea on mobile communications, home appliances, Bank loans are very different from the neighboring Krasnodar region that Pro-Russian Crimeans more often say that living under occupation.

The bridge has moved is not the worst thing that could happen to the country. That’s when they moved – it is much worse.

At the bridge there was only one customer – Vladimir Putin. It is a personal PR project. So is it any wonder that the design was unreliable?

Are the Russians and Crimeans sincerely hope that is invested in the construction of billions will serve them? After receiving positive publicity came the inevitable drama. The bridge was perekalivatsja.

The same end awaits the project “Russian Crimea”.

He will also, burying fools, Empire builders and virtual engineering design. Because there is no other way.

Today’s Russia – a country not frightened of idiots, presumptuous tyrants and speaking of bridges, which do not sit within its internationally recognized borders.

But tomorrow she would have to return to consciousness.

Then in the liberation of Crimea will indeed flow of Russian money, which will go to him for future use.

From indemnity for damages.

Larisa Voloshina

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