Putin is sick: the diagnosis, the disease progresses rapidly

Daily hour and a half of prayer has spurred the development of psychopathology Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill.

Sure Russian journalist Sasha Sotnik.

“The accurate diagnosis of the Kremlin the patient put Boris Nemtsov. Set, not being a professional psychiatrist. And did it exhaustively, for which he paid with his life”, — said the Centurion.

According to the journalist, Vladimir Putin suffers from the syndrome of Ivan the terrible.

“This is a known mental pathology, ask any expert in the field of psychiatry. The syndrome is not immediately, but progresses significantly, and many see that these metamorphoses take place with the head of the Kremlin regime, but are afraid to admit that the patient is indeed a threat to the world – because it has access to the nuclear button,” — said the Centurion.

The journalist notes that Putin’s words about a nuclear attack is a kind of warning. The leader of the Kremlin makes it clear that the power of his life, and any attempt to dethrone the “king” will be severely punished. Russia – Saint, Putin is a Saint, and all the others are aggressors. Accordingly, the saints will go to hell, the aggressors to burn in hell forever.

“Every morning an hour and a half of prayer has accelerated the process of development of the mental disorder of the citizen of Putin, and piety reinforced the worldview of the subject”, — said the journalist.

Also the Centurion is confident that Vladimir Putin lives in his own world, and this world for him is real. It feels kind of Messiah who saves mother Russia, fighting against external enemies, punish traitors and apostates.

“Oprichnina, the medieval heyday of which we are forced to watch in the twenty-first century, and amylacetate autocrat, and “bad boyars” — all this fits into the nature of Putin’s universe,” — said the Centurion.

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In the world

The way out of this heavy political and mental conflict, according to the journalist, there can be only one: either the physical elimination of the patient, or arrest Putin on the sidelines of an international summit.

“I don’t think in this case his accomplices will dare to press the “red button”. Rather, they’d race each other to repent and partake of the West, telling heartbreaking stories about how a crazy person who imagines himself the Emperor, they were tortured and raped, forced to do things they didn’t want this…”, — summed up the Centurion.

We will remind, Putin in strange company ridiculed in the network.

As reported Politeka, Putin spotted keeping hands with a man, scandalous photos.

Also Politeka wrote that the Prime Minister admitted that he maintains contact with Putin, the reason for striking.

Source: Obozrevatel

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