Putin launched a military-scientific “Era”

Technopolis “Era” officially “registered” on the black sea coast. President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the establishment of military innovation complex in the resort Anapa. Calling a new “Era” – search, creation and introduction of breakthrough technologies for military purposes and for civilian life. “MK” has found out features of a new project.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Military innovation Technopolis “Era” is divided into two sectors: scientific-educational and residential. In the scientific-educational sector will place modern laboratories with unique test and experimental equipment. In a residential high — rise buildings for a total of 198 professional and multi-purpose sports and a Wellness centre.

At a briefing on the plans for the establishment of Technopolis, the Deputy chief of the Main Directorate of scientific research and innovation research of the Ministry of defense Roman Kordyukov told about one of the main features of work “Era”: “in addition to compulsory work for the state defense order, Technopolis will be engaged and proactive research for the future”.

According to him, “Era”, let and modal facility, but it is not closed for their interesting and useful for the defense of the state proposals. The Ministry of defence it is interesting to discover on the basis of “Age” branches-departments of some companies for joint research.

– Today there are concrete proposals from several organizations who want to create a joint laboratory. And they are ready to come with their equipment and a team of scientists, – said Roman Kordyukov.

In the “military Era” I often see the equivalent of “SKOLKOVO”. However, as claimed by the Roman Kordyukov, this is not entirely correct.

– Our main difference: we have a clear focus on dual-purpose products that ensure the defense of the state. And there is a specific customer-the consumer – says Roman Yurevich.

The specialists of Technopark “Era” work closely with colleagues from the same “SKOLKOVO” and Kazan Innopolis. Do not forget scientific giants: the MAI, Moscow state University, MGTU named after Bauman.

It is also known that the Technopolis cooperates closely with different research institutes of the Ministry of defense and Russian industrial corporations.

Today our operators in the conferencing working on a number of projects with organizations-giants. For example, the Kurchatov Institute, and also with the enterprise “Granit”, – says Roman Kordyukov.

On innovative projects in the Russian “silicon valley” will work and conscripts gathered in four research company. Absolutely everything will be provided with comfortable housing and everything you need to distract scientists from military research.

Today, a military group of “it people” hard working military innovative projects. To the usual areas – IT systems and automation, robotics and information security — added little-known. For example, computer vision is pattern recognition or quite exotic – bioengineering technology.

Roman Kordyukov also noted that talented young people will work so-called “social Elevator”: show good research work can count on career growth.

In addition, young professionals after the “Era” will offer two options for a future career or stay at Technopolis in uniform, or is distributed to the defence sector.

Officially the military-innovative Technopark “Era” will open on 1 September 2018. However, the first products designed by the hands of it people in uniform, the General public will show at the August forum “Army-2018”. Well, at full capacity, “Era” will be released in 2020.

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