Putin ridiculed the position at an official meeting: a Bottle to sit the way

Users of the Internet ridiculed the position of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during an official meeting with his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan

The corresponding photo published by political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

“Putin said at a meeting with Erdogan in Istanbul. I wonder what Putin lately so foot puts sitting.

Putin amused by the transformation of appearance: Pulled
In the world

At the same time, netizens have put forward several possible assumptions.

“Show-off”, “Bottle to sit the way”, “To ass that hurt”, “the prosthesis is too tight”, “scratched from Botox”, “swelled testicule”, “that’s a diaper”, “mnogohodovok hurt by the sanctions imposed”, “image-makers explained that the tough macho do so”, “either Erdogan a piston inserted or crap”, “uti-way, foot to the floor don’t get it,” they write.

As previously reported, social networking has puzzled new photo with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the photograph, where Putin was below the Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev, drew the attention of the strategist and blogger Alexei golobutsky.

It is noted that the picture was taken during a formal meeting of the Council for strategic development and national projects, which was also attended by Medvedev and Putin.

Golobutsky also said that the Russian President “slipped in the chair so that he was below a very small Medvedev.”

“I’m not a doctor, but judging by how Putin is sitting on formal occasions, he had either prostatitis, or hemorrhoids..” — with humor signed published in social networks photo political consultant.

Users of social networks reacted to another embarrassment for the Russian President and noted that Putin is panicking, as it “lacks legs to the floor”.

“Troubles with the lower chakra”, “photo Medvedev their dreams ocenochnoe dwarf says”, “Hemorrhoid prostatitis – two in one”, “number of in-the-ass,” “He the floor with your feet lacking, so panic”, “He hemorrhoids… And, perhaps, in some degree himself and prostatitis”, “Just a swarm of flies in the head”, “Think it not in Heaven pulled…,” they write in the comments under the post of consultant.

We will remind, Putin in strange company ridiculed in the network.

As reported Politeka, Putin spotted keeping hands with a man, scandalous photos.

Also Politeka wrote that the Prime Minister admitted that he maintains contact with Putin, the reason for striking.

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