Putin started the dirty game in Europe, Crimea can recognize Russian: egregious details

Russia already has established a working group

Russia has announced that in 2019 it is planned to open in Brussels, “the representation of the Crimea”.

It will “promote the interests” of the Peninsula and fight the sanctions.

The Russians even established a working group. According to Russian media, this group “has entered the European policy” to create such an organization.

“The representation of the Crimea” of the Russian Federation plans to amend the list of lobby groups in the structures of the European Union.

The co-Chairman of the Yalta V international economic forum of Andrey Nazarov, the organization plans to establish in the first half of next year.

“The organization will have an official lobbying status within the EU. This will allow legitimately to promote the interests of the Crimea in the European Union”, — said Nazarov.

It is reported that the working group included Belgian MP Filip DeWinter. He noted that the initiative is aimed at overcoming the sanctions regime.

However, the European Union is not going to recognize any of the representations annexed Crimea, which plans to open Russia.

“The EU fully supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Thus, the EU position is clear: we do not recognize and will not recognize self-titled mission of the illegally annexed Crimean Peninsula and does not want in any way to cooperate with such organizations”, — quotes the EU delegation in Ukraine, “European true”.

Previously, we reported that the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic plunged into a diplomatic row over the Russian-occupied Crimea.

Because of the possible investigate corruption Andrew Babish decided to hide his son in non-government controlled areas.

In Kiev the night was light, people thought that the dawn: what happened, video

About this Babish Jr. himself said in an interview.

According to him, in 2017 it against his will was sent to occupied Crimea and held there in order to “hide” from high-profile investigations of corruption schemes, which may have involved his father.

It should be noted that Babish Jr. also appears in the so-called “Nest of the stork” relating to fraud funds of Brussels. 35-year-old son says that he did not want to go to the Crimea, but he was forced.

A key role in the movement of Babish Jr. in Crimea played Protopopova spouses who are currently working on the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Dita Protopopova is the adviser to the head of the Ministry of health and the psychiatrist who treated Babish Jr. Her husband, a citizen of the Russian Federation Petr Protopopov, according to the son of the Czech Prime Minister, took him to the occupied Peninsula.

We will remind, the situation in Crimea is critical, Russia is ready for a terrible scenario.

As reported Politeka, Crimeans spoke about the effects of chemical emissions in Armyansk.

Also Politeka wrote that in Crimea, the panic over this new himataki.

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