Rabinovich: “For life” will do everything to fascism in Ukraine could not raise his head

The current Ukrainian government closes TV channels due to the fact that they are the people who tell the country the truth. However, the party “For life” won’t let you smother freedom of speech in Ukraine. This was stated by the leader of the “For life”, people’s Deputy Vadym Rabinovich during a live broadcast from the Senate of France, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”

We will note, today in the French Senate in Paris held a special hearing on the issues of freedom of speech.

“Today in the French Senate we’re talking about how he raises his head fascism, about what is happening with freedom of speech in Ukraine. Speakers and leaders of NewsOne and TV “112 Ukraine”, act I. We will talk about what is happening in Ukraine will tell about the Europeans,” said Rabinovich.

According to the parliamentarian, the Ukrainian government closes the channels due to the fact that they sound true, especially inconvenient for the country’s leadership ahead of the elections.

“The current Ukrainian government shuts down TV stations just because they are the people that tell the truth about what is happening in Ukraine. The party “For life” will do everything to make Ukrainians watched any channel that fascism has not been able to raise the head”, – said the leader of the party “For life”.

The MP also expressed confidence that France will give a decent assessment of what is happening with freedom of speech in Ukraine. According to him, the French senators do not exclude the possibility to impose sanctions against people who impeded freedom of speech in the country.

“I previously talked to many senators and they are in shock! We showed them how to beat our journalists, showed the statistics. And I heard from them the following: if this will continue, that there be sanctions against those people who stifle freedom of speech in Ukraine” – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.

We will remind, Rabinowitz warned that the government is using tariffs and Budget-2019 will destroy millions of Ukrainians.

As reported Politeka, Rabinovich said that if the government had not plundered the country, pensions and wages we would have had at European level.

Also Politeka wrote that “For life” has developed a plan for a threefold decrease in gas prices for the population.

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