Rabinovich: We can four times to reduce tariffs, because Ukraine produces 19.4 billion cubic meters of gas

Ukraine produces 19.4 billion cubic meters of gas per year

These volumes are sufficient to four times to reduce the tariffs for the population. This opinion was expressed by MP, the leader of the political party “For life” Vadym Rabinovich on air of the program “Big night” on TV channel NewsOne.

“I know we produced 19.4 billion cubic meters of gas. This volume is sufficient to ensure that the population have received gas at a price four times less than today. That is 400-percent fall in tariffs is that it should be”, – said the politician.

Ironically he also sympathized with the oligarchs, and noted that the program of the party “For life” stipulates the return of state control over all mineral resources of the country.

“Yes, the oligarchs don’t get your super – it’s sad, I cry for them, but we do it anyway. In the program of our party – the nationalization of all that is in the depths of Ukraine. Is the implementation of constitutional norms, according to which mineral resources belong to the people,” – said the MP.

The MP expects that as a result of such actions, he and his force came under attack by those who are profiting from the Ukrainian subsoil.

“Will I then “wet” all the channels of oligarchs? Let him “wet”! Let them try – people will understand”, – stated the leader of the party “For life”.

We will remind, Vadim Rabinovich insists that in addition to the mineral resources in state ownership should be a key strategic enterprises of the country. These reference to economy of production should be revived after decades of decline due to poor management and “wild privatization”.

“We need to get the largest and strategically important enterprises to the state, not to privatize, as do the officials. We need to revive the science, large-scale production, the return of the gas companies, power companies, aerospace enterprises. The attempt to privatize is the total destruction of the state machine itself. If the company is unprofitable and does not work well, then you need to change the management, to set new managers – the professionals, not the godfathers. You need to ensure the effective activity of the state enterprise and not to sell it for a penny during the economic decline and military action,” – said the MP.

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