Rabinovich: we Have no other way out of the crisis except those that offers a “For life”

The party “For life” have a specific plan for the withdrawal of Ukraine from the crisis, which there is no alternative

This was stated by the leader of the political forces and the people’s Deputy Vadym Rabinovich on air of TV channel NewsOne.

“Why did you leave us no and why “Ukrainian dream” need today, and our plan should be implemented immediately? Here are some figures: GDP decreased by 63.5% over four years. The export volume for the same period decreased by 46.3 per cent. Ukraine’s state debt grew by 342%. This is a disaster! This did not happen even under the most terrible wars”, – the politician considers.

The MP also added that only last month the funds at the disposal of the State Treasury of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Treasury – ed.), decreased by 7.4 billion to 1.9 billion UAH. Thus, according to the policy, last year’s figures at this time were 22 times more and amounted to UAH 44 billion.

“Balances in the Treasury declined to the level of 2014. How can both “steal” reserves, all in the Treasury to impossible to raise prices, reduce wages, “kill” pensions? Thus every day the government tells us that we live better and better” – outraged the MP.

According to the MP, the update of the country need to begin to stabilize the economic situation and the real fight against corrupt officials.

“You can see for yourself what turned the country? Our program is something that can be done immediately and quickly. There is no other way. It is necessary to reduce rates, reduce rates, and so on. People don’t need to be mathematicians of the highest degree, to understand what we propose to do,” – said Vadim Rabinovich.

We will remind that earlier people’s Deputy presented the program of his political party “For life” under the title “Ukrainian dream”, which contained proposals for the withdrawal of Ukraine from the economic crisis.


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