Rada has supported in the 1st reading amendments to the Constitution about the country’s course towards EU and NATO

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the presidential bill on amendments to the Constitution regarding the strategic course of the state on the attainment of full membership of Ukraine in the European Union and NATO.

As the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, such decision was supported by 311 MPs in plenary session of Parliament on Thursday.

So, for the President’s bill voted by 124 deputies from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, 73 – “popular front”, 33 non-faction deputies, 19 – from Radical party, including its leaders, Oleg Lyashko, 18 – from the “Batkivschyna”, including its leader Yulia Tymoshenko, 17 – from “Samopomichi”, 14 – from “the Will of the people” 13 – group of the “Vidrodzhennya”. “For” not voted by a single member of the faction “Opposition bloc”.

However, against this legislative initiative voted 21 MP. In particular, 18 – from the “Opposition bloc”, including the new head of fraction Vadim Novinsky and Deputy head of the faction Oleksandr Vilkul, 3 unaffiliated, including one of the initiators of the “Opposition platform For life” Yuriy Boyko. In turn, Vadim Rabinovich was absent during the voting in the hall.

Of the 351 members present in the hall, 16 did not vote, and 3 abstentions.

During the voting in the session hall was attended by the initiator of the bill – the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Before the vote, the head of state noted that in the second reading and in entirety the draft law, the Verkhovna Rada will consider in February 2019.

Earlier in the same day its opinion provided by constitutional Courts, which is essential for preliminary approval of the draft law provided.

Under the proposed changes in the powers of the Verkhovna Rada will be “implementing the strategic policy of the state to the attainment of full membership of Ukraine in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”.

The President of Ukraine will guarantee the implementation of strategic policy of the state to EU membership and NATO. And the Cabinet of Ministers in turn will have to ensure the implementation of the strategic course of Ukraine’s membership in these organizations.

In the preamble to the constitutional amendments to secure that Parliament confirms that “the European identity of the Ukrainian people and the irreversibility of the European and Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine”.

In addition, the President proposed from the transitional provisions of the Constitution to delete the provision that “use of existing military bases on the territory of Ukraine for temporary stay of foreign military formations probably under lease in the order determined by international treaties of Ukraine ratified by the Verkhovna Rada”.

In the case of making and passing of all necessary procedures the law will come into force the day after publication.

As reported, on 3 September in the Parliament was registered by the presidential draft of constitutional amendments.

September 20, the Verkhovna Rada has included in the agenda and sent to the constitutional Court for opinion.

According to the procedure after prior approval by the Verkhovna Rada may finally approve the bill (2nd reading) at the next session. This will require at least 300 votes of people’s deputies. This procedure is set out in the Constitution.

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