Reform and anxiety

Reform and anxiety

The Russian team stopped the performance at the world Championships, and pension “reform” (plus a list of accompanying activities of the same order) comes first in terms of attention to him.

At the end of June – beginning of July was published the current results of public opinion polls. If you do not go into details and numbers, the net result was an increase in anxiety and discontent with the government.

Even Putin has failed as usual to sit in the bushes – it is also associated with predstawit robbing pensioners. He his habits did not change: when the country comes the difficult period,

Putin prefers to disappear and put yourself ahead of different parsley.

The task of the leader of the nation – to be only there, where victory.

In all other cases he didn’t.

Thus a political decision at the highest top there’s obviously. The ruling party mobilized its assets with the requirement to explain and relieve negative moods, propaganda has been outright nonsense, inventing new arguments in favor of large-scale theft.

It comes to the fact that statements like: “it is not the streets to resolve such an important issue.”

Of course, mobsters are acting strictly within the framework of criminal concepts, trying to “hit” all levels of government in the decision to raise the retirement age: all regional “parliaments” sent the text of the bill with the requirement until July 17 to provide a positive conclusion.

Esprit de corps is nothing new.

Logical: you guys have the power not only to make you steal.

You have the right not only sweet, but stern duty to assume some of the hatred of the people.

However, the regions are not enthusiastic about this idea, and trying to postpone its approval of the bill.

In many regions in the fall elections, and it is obvious that to combine the task of the victory of United Russia with the approval of the brutal act, even if the total fraud would be extremely difficult.

Therefore, the regions quickly go on vacation, who did not, and promise to endorse – but later. Sometime later.

However, one way or another, but the options are still there. There are quite objective reasons in order to begin to eliminate the remnants of social security.

Increase PENSIONNOGO age in many regions will mean the de facto abolition of pensions: according to different sources more than half of the regions in up to 30 years not more than 10-15% of the population will generally live up to the of pensions, and reduced the age of “survival” will make the payment of survivor handouts case masloobrazovateli – those who are lucky will still be able to live in retirement for very long.

The causes which impel the authorities to go on the extermination of the population, is quite obvious: it is simply unnecessary to built the economy of the pipe.

Primitive subsistence economy does not need such a redundant and useless population, and the greed of the ruling caste can be eliminated only together with her. In the current plan the government is already bankrupt, so it requires extraordinary measures that can exist in a state of complete default on all government obligations to the people.

In fact, there are only two ways to resolve the disastrous situation – the withdrawal of the current government in full strength and the establishment of crisis management structures that can stop the disintegration of the country, or the introduction of direct fascist dictatorship which will push the emerging discontent of the people and to accelerate its reduction.

In this way, too, there are some scripts and not all of them disastrous for the dictatorship. There are options where it partially will be able to maintain its power, however, will have to sacrifice the integrity of the country, but in the end, in ‘ 91 we’ve been through.

Yet the situation remains the same – the leader of the nation sitting in the bushes and pretends that he does not know what is happening, the government is preparing a “reform” of the people is growing very fast the anxiety, but as long as everything goes in a relatively predictable way.

Protests are predictable, passive and weak is not in vain in the framework of “managed democracy” stripped of any structure, can become the organizing principle of the people’s struggle for their future.

As long as everything goes according to plan.

A. Nesmiyan

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