Reuters learned of the death of the son of ISIS leader in operations against Russian troops

Sources among Islamists claim that the son of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS, was killed in fighting in HOMS province, in operations against the Syrian and Russian forces. The fate of his father remains unknown

Photo: Loubna Mrie / Reuters

Huzaifa al-Badri, the son of the leader of the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), were killed in HOMS province in Syria. About it reports Reuters with reference to the news channel of the Islamists.

“Huzaifa al-Badri, the son of the Caliph, was killed in the operation against the alawites and the Russian thermal power plant in HOMS”, — quotes Agency the message in the channel of the terrorists.

The fate of the leader of the IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi remains unknown. Despite numerous reports of its liquidation, the Islamists denied his death.

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