Revealed the trump card of the Kremlin: turning up the liquidated terrorist

A lie this time Russia came out absolutely fantastic

Two events unexpectedly intertwined into one. First, against the permanent participant of the Russian TV show Tomas Maracucha opened a criminal case on the incitement of hatred or hostility and was nearly expelled from Russia. The formal reason was “disrespectful statement” Maracucha about a dead terrorist, Thick, named Givi, reports “Hvil”.

Maracucha searched, but not planted — it had some kind of gooey nonsense, in a purely Russian style: whether it is lost, or the judge in vacation. But Mateychuk already expressed the desire to leave Russia.

On the same day, March 1, Vladimir Putin sent a message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. In the letter, he reported on new types of Russian weapons.

The total between these two events is fake information. Fakes of the Russian propaganda is becoming more blatant. St. Petersburg criminal, cornered from all sides, and understanding the inevitability of the end, threatens to shoot them all unprecedented missiles.

This room may happen. Still managed to take fright However, this time a lie came out absolutely fantastic, but uncle much a coward. Yes, and the criminal they, in principle, necessary, but only as six. In fact, the whole conflict that happened due to the fact that six insolent and wanted to be serious with men on equal terms. But that’s a separate issue.

With Mazacam things easier: just expired the contract. But since Mateychuk was seen as a useful frame, it was decided to transfer to another job. Why in fashioning an appropriate background had to be strengthened in the glory of the independent expert-Russophobe.

However, something went wrong and “court” over Mazacam problem emerged. Of course, there are some variation options. For example, the initiative of someone from the Prosecutor’s, the conventional “poklonskaya-2”. Rotated as gostomski instance in the late idol.

And here, this lady instituted proceedings on its own initiative. From the channel to call to the court and the Prosecutor’s office, asking to appease the fool. And Muzychuk, who is tired of dirty and uncomfortable life in Moscow, took the opportunity to interrupt the boring contract and search for a new one.

The key word here is actor. As soon as we say 90% of the questions immediately fall away. Putin’s speech before the “Sulfide”, and without exception, the Russian show of pretending the debate is just a show.

Each participant strongly plays a role, and is not who he claims to be. Putin is playing the President of Russia but he’s just disguised under a fake. Mateychuk, plays a pole-Russophobia, Russophobe and “right” while also hating Ukrainians.

In both cases we have before us the actors. The President is not present. The rocket is not real. Deputies are not real — all completely appointees, because elections are not real. Polish Russophobia is not present, ethnic origin and nationality of Poland just part of the props.

New blow for motorists: how much and to whom to carry, easy ride

In all probability, a nuclear missile will fly before the election, and then permanently disappear from the horizon, having gone to the bottom with underwater vehicles speed “exceeds the speed of modern torpedoes”.

Regarding Maracucha there are several options. Can send to Poland, as a Russophobe, who has suffered from Russian oppression. Can be quick facelift “Ukrainian patriot”.

Then we have to look in whose company he will emerge, and who will continue to use and to lobby. Can, and to give a support group Miho Saakashvili is sending to Poland or to the Netherlands.

We will remind, the son of beloved singer Putin awarded the medal.

As reported Politeka, ridiculous Putin threatened Ukraine on “L/DNR”.

Also Politeka wrote that the video, how Russians mow the grass under the snow, blew up the network.

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