Rubicon Putin was August of 2018. Then it is just waiting for the fall and overthrow.

Vladimir Putin / photo by REUTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin was born on 7 Oct. Analyzing the horoscope of the master of the Kremlin, the astrologer Vlad Ross noted that the forecast “very bad”.

“Since August of 2018 began a gradual process of the overthrow of Putin: on the decline ratings and destruction. This point is the beginning of his gradual departure from the political arena. The trend, which began in August, will continue in the future, including after his birthday,” the astrologer said in the comments “Glavred”.

According to Ross, if Putin wants to stay in power and to influence political processes, it is necessary to think about a successor.

“The only thing Putin is now possible to advise – to find a successor. If he does not, will be cast down and destroyed.That is, in the end, in Russia there will be a coup and overthrow Putin as a dictator” – explained the expert.

Bad period for Putin has already begun, said the astrologer.

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“Rubicon Putin is August 2018. Then it is just waiting for the fall and overthrow. He came to power in a Newtonian cycle of the solar Eclipse which occurred on 11 August 1999. And it’s already set his fate the thread of the overthrow. And they say he has the support of 50% of the population of the Russian Federation, in fact, this percentage is much smaller – no more than 10-20%. People in Russia just start to hate”, he said.

In addition, according to the astrologer, from August this year began a period of gradual deprivation of Putin all his wealth and billion. In fact, he is almost the richest man in the world.

In terms of health the master of the Kremlin changeable situation: the remission, the relapse.

“Approximately like Kobzon, who fought for 12 years with cancer of the brain, but the end did come. The same situation Putin with the spine: it is any better, worse”, – the expert added.

The astrologer is reminded that the great prophet Vasily Nemchin has foretold Putin that he “will go into the abyss”.

“What Nemchin meant is not clear. Perhaps he meant that Putin would drown, will go into the depths as the “Kursk”. After all, it happened just at the beginning of Putin’s presidency – it was symbolic. Perhaps, Vladimir Putin, in a sense, “go underground”. In any case, Putin’s days in power are numbered. Think he will last in his position until 2019, the “ceiling” is 2020. Besides, let me remind you that during his recent inauguration this spring, the flag of the Russian Federation has not risen. Isn’t this a symbolic sign?” said Ross.

We will note, today President Vladimir Putin is 66 years.

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