Russia attacked the U.S. diplomats in Cuba

Russia attacked the U.S. diplomats in Cuba

During the “acoustic attack” on Cuba, which became known in 2017, 21 the American diplomat, presumably, were exposed to microwave radiation. This was referred to the publication of the newspaper The New York Times.

In version o this type of radiation is increasingly convinced physicians, said the lead author of the report on the alleged attacks, the Director of the Department of neurosurgery, University of Pennsylvania Professor Douglas Smith.

“Acoustic attack” on the U.S. Embassy staff in Havana were recorded from the end of 2016, a detailed medical report on them appeared in March 2018, and the microwave radiation it was not mentioned.

“At first, everything was set up quite skeptical, but now all agree that something is” — said Smith.

Now some experts believe that microwave radiation is the most plausible explanation of the symptoms reported by victims.

In particular, the experts suggest that the “acoustic attack” explains the so-called Frey effect, named after American scientist Allan Frey. According to his research, the microwave radiation is in the head the sound can irritate, cause pain and nausea — with similar complaints to the doctors and asked American diplomats.

He 83-year-old Alan Frey, who has long worked as a consultant to a number of Federal authorities, suggested that microwave attacks on U.S. diplomats Cuba organized with the participation of Russia.

Moscow, according to Frey, is interested in undermining the Cuban-American relations, which in recent times began to improve.

In August 2017, the official representative of US state Department Heather Nauert reported that Washington recorded a few “incidents” in which us diplomats in need of medical care, after which they left Havana.

The victims complained of hearing loss, severe headaches, loss of balance and cognitive impairment.

Further such cases are repeated in the 22 employees of the U.S. Embassy in Havana. American media reported that we are talking about the “acoustic attack” and published the corresponding entry.

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