Russia can’t threaten Ukraine: Putin powerless

Russia in the near future is unlikely to strengthen the aggressive actions against Ukraine, all due to the fact that Vladimir Putin is afraid of a new wave of sanctions

Such opinion in interview was expressed by the Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich.

One of the worst scenarios of further sanctions in case of escalation referred to the ban on the export of oil and disconnected from the system SWIFT.

“In the context of Ukraine, Putin has little to do because each next step of escalation will cause larger and larger sanctions. I think that they already understand that the regime is not very stable under infinite sanctions. You can, of course, to achieve that the oil export ban, and SWIFT disconnect”, — said the financier.

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The incident

Besides, every next step of Putin against Ukraine will cause increasing sanctions pressure.

“I think the current level of sanctions, which is very much in the way of Putin’s regime, responding to what was done against Ukraine. And any further steps or even steps in Ukraine will result in, maybe even a disproportionate strengthening of sanctions,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that the war in Eastern Ukraine may continue even if you change the mode of the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Since coming to power in Russia a new leadership to restore peace may be even more complicated, the situation may worsen significantly. This opinion was expressed by the journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk in his video blog on Youtube.

“If Mr Putin once will leave the post of President of the Russian Federation, it is not defined, I personally don’t think her policy towards us will change at least a little. It can become even tougher. Listen to what they say about us here. No one hides, and said in plain text that Ukraine should not be or only under the Russian boot”, — he said.

We will remind, Putin’s man gave the best kept secret in the Donbass.

As reported Politeka, Putin has outdone itself, a statement about Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin openly talking about a new invasion of Ukraine.

Source: The Apostrophe

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