Russia is already beginning to seriously consider the possibility of Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

Illustration / REUTERSРоссия very afraid and perceives as a threat to Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

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About it on air of TV channel “Direct” said an analyst at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic cooperation Vladimir Gorbach.

“It is good that in Russia Andrey Kelin said about the likelihood of Ukraine’s membership in NATO. This means that they have already begun seriously to consider it. Yet, it is said that is to say, in fear. It is not now, but hypothetically, at some medium term. They already believe in that possibility, and it is fat plus we. The second point on the perimeter of the Ukraine they are going, in his words, to build in this case, a strong defensive echelons. And this is a huge plus, because now there is an offensive echelons. Of course, this rhetoric was sly, but if they do, it is one more fat plus to us. And the third point. They fear it and perceive it as a threat. Therefore, Ukraine’s membership in NATO needs to be done. What they’re afraid of any price need to do,” said Gorbach.

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