Russia is ready to create a “parallel” Internet

The Russian Federation has all possibilities for creation of a “parallel” of the Internet, to resort to which can, if unfavorable developments. This statement was made head of the Department of new challenges and threats (DNV), the Russian foreign Ministry Ilya Rogachev.

photo: pixabay.com

“Technical, financial, intellectual, and all other features available for this, but I don’t think someone would love to”, – quotes TASS of Rogachev.

According to him, the political course of Moscow is not directed to the isolation of the Internet, but such a situation may lead the policy of Western countries, implanting a double standard. “If these double standards will continue to spread, then how about the most unfavorable term, we can talk about the creation of a parallel Internet,” said Rogachev.

He also noted that in reality, the censorship of cyberspace in the Western States is much better developed than in Russia. “They use their own mechanisms, but this does not mean that we should not “cover up” the Internet in the event of incitement to commit terrorist acts or even in the framework of countering violent extremism,” – said the diplomat.

According to Rogachev, in this field you must work in such a way as to satisfy the interests of all partners.

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