Russia will not participate in PACE and to pay a fee – the speaker of the state Duma

“The first violin” in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is now played by the radicals, who, supported by London and Washington to determine policies and decisions of the organization, said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

“This structure today is hostage in the hands of the extreme radicals, who represented the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine. Considering that very actively at this site support great Britain and the United States of America, they actually impose the view of the parliamentary Assembly”, — said Vladimir Volodin in interview to the program of the First channel “the fat. Sunday.”

He said that the Russian delegation will not participate in such a parliamentary Assembly, “until there come to their senses”.

V. Volodin “not those relations” has been formed solely for the fault of colleagues in the Assembly. “Because they thought that it is possible to shut my mouth any country, and, at the same time, the country still needs to pay the money. Moreover, a lot of money — tens of millions of dollars — as a contribution to the Parliamentary Assembly”, — said Vladimir Volodin.

With regard to the contribution to the budget of the Council of Europe to ensure the activities of PACE, while “we have budget savings,” remarked the speaker. “Why pay for something that the citizens of our country brings absolutely no results? Better to save, and when you come around, of course, we have this claim format,” — said Vladimir Volodin.

As reported, the PACE in 2014, has deprived the Russian delegation’s voting rights, and also introduced a number of other restrictions after the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. In 2017, Moscow has suspended the payment of a part contribution to the budget of the Council of Europe.

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