Russian deserters, looters of the Rostov region and ORDA

Russian deserters, looters of the Rostov region and ORDA

All pobedobesie Ichhamati was simply that “digivoice” in the 45th and…that’s about it “and” a little more.

Russia kept us in their tenacious embrace with… Well, you know what time. I want to say that my grandmother has s king Panka, Pizzaro Yogo Pinka. To be completely honest, it is, in fact, Independence from the day the Declaration of Independence we have received only now.

Only the war allowed us to look at the situation from outside and to identify manipulators sitting in Ukrainian politics, parties, public organizations and mass media on the ruble needle.

Yes there is media and officials with public men, and was Pro-Russian security forces and Pro-Russian Sbushniki, and Pro-Russian generals and Ministers. We were not allowed to float freely. Russia always keep a hand on our throat and the pulse. In faith, in religion, in society, in the army, in education and science.

Slowly and quietly by using these “guest workers” without honor and conscience was destroyed our army. Mentality. Authenticity. Identification. MOV. Ukrainian culture was squeezed out of the Russian pop. Ukrainian Russian writers of pop literature.

It is now obvious facts. In 2010-2014-m tell the most about the autocephaly, or of the fact that our Euro-public-corrupto-sides are actually the heralds of the Russian world, live in, manipulating us in the direction of Maserati, carefree buying apartments, yachts on allocated grants.

We would be in arms! Are you Holy! How many of us now, those who are divided within themselves for themselves before the war, and themselves in war?

Yes, it’s scary to say, but the war helped us find ourselves, the country, to see that these manipulations and these Pro-Russian rats gnaw our ship “Ukraine” holes in the sides.

Of course, the defeat in the Crimea and in the Donbas, military, moral, political and mental in 2014 year was a simple result of years of honing of the economy and the army, Pro-Russian traitors.

We were not ready for war. Yes, even with “fraternal” Russia. Well, you see, the average most, though sought in Europe and rejoiced the Independence, but still not particularly accustomed to the situation in the defense Ministry, the army, and other agencies. 2013-2014-and changed us forever. We realized that Ukraine is not only our country, is ourselves. We began to grow up.

Today our army and our army in 2014, it is two different armies. And the enemy knows it. And we understand that. So proud of the Parade on the Independence Day, so understand how important it is. How important it is for us to see ourselves. Grown-up. In the NATO standards. With weapons and motivation.

The propagandists of the enemy is still treading water in boilers, losses, say, then the response broke, broke now. And get broke in the forehead and on the forehead! As many 200’s as in the 2017-2018-m years Russia has not yet received. And even as weak and disarmed, we teeth bit into the Donbass. How they have managed? – 35% of the Lugansk and Donetsk region. And then zilch.

And how many of them were taken then in 2014, when we were Goli Bosi in unmarked graves Intanethi is on Russia realize only now. And how many are taken it now three times, five times more than in 2014?!

The number atanasovski graves under the number plates in Russia is measured by acres and not by pieces. How many rotted in the landings and the steppes of Donbass, pits mines and mine landfills? Not to pay post-mortem, the death of atamato prefer to remain silent.

And the commanders are in no hurry to inform about the 200’s, continuing to ghosts of the salary. Looting Russian blood. In the genes. And self-blame. Russian for Russian resource, friend, comrade and food. Why not get paid for a dead comrade? To domasana attitude as to the people of the third grade.

Will need to write a social story that was shared with me my countrymen – as opolenec of Anthracite told his comrade-in-arms from Russia about how he “beat” dill and gets a miner’s pension in Ukraine.

Comrade waited for “danmasani’ll use dill card”, and atatamete the whole family. Now in the house of the dead collaborator the family lives of his Russian friend from Russia. And “didyvoevali” and ties without them.

For glee, propaganda and pobedobesie Russian did not see the main we are different. And now separable-collaborators from the Donbass openly say- “dill learned to fight” and are afraid to go to “army” Onlinie. The occupants are unable to saturate the army Onlinei local resource, so there is no recognition Onlinee Russia, nor Russian passports.

In Russia realize, let Bambas Russian citizenship and to protect “respublikah” be nobody and no one. People just leave, without waiting for the outcome of the war.

Residents ORDO need Russia in ORDA.

As a shield, as a resource, as the promotion of “civil war”. But here’s the thing. In 2014-2017, the year propaganda in Russia were doing their job, and the Donbass “kill Nazis” and earn money was driving the inhabitants from any Moksha Zabransky. So it was prestigious and profitable. Even bought the place in the southern military district (southern military district, the base of the Rostov region, the corridor in the Donbass and Syria).

The Ukrainian army seemed to them as something not able to fight. The weak link. And here we are. And made his army worthy to enter the TOP 10 strongest armies in Europe. Continue to be able!

We must openly show videos about our readiness. We should be proud of our victories in the international military exercises. Our weapons. Our preparation. Motivation. Alert. Our people.

We need to get used (what a terrible word war, but truthful description of the situation) to war. As Israel. To live in a world where it is.

To protect the line of demarcation between the world and still occupied by the enemy territories. Conduct involved. To dissect the problem. Uncover manipulation. To recover from the occupation mentality, history and culture.

It is good that the information is immediately became our front. Now faith and history. Great!

In ORDA in “army”, secretly called “people’s militia” recruited rabble. And if in 20104-m-2015-m opalanie went with the motivation “for Russia, the Donbass, against Ukraine, against Europe”, but now the whole lumpen food, weapons and jobs.

Every second crime committed in ORDA former or current apocleinae. They dragged into the house all the money stolen at the front of the weapon, killed, raped, squeezed, and looting. ORDO created in ghettos, concentration camps, where their kill their.

After all, 2014-1 year critical most of the residents of Donbass supported tricolored “spring”. That is, now, -we, the outsiders, dill, left for the most part – there are in most left their, albeit frustrated, but its from the Russian spring.

Yes, and frustrated, Pro-Ukrainian, it’s the people of Donbass. Countrymen. Like it or not, but still, ORDO live your. Your serve. Your subservient. Your kill. Their.

Unfortunately, due to lack of work and poverty, “army” separatist collaborators rejuvenated. And youth enrolled in obochiny, more has designs on looting using guns to protect “Respublika”.

Seniors prefer to sit on the priest exactly and not to lose the Ukrainian pension. Can only hiss and hate us. Well, then take.

Miners and people close to retirement age, more and more puzzled, and what they live: in Russia they do not Shine anything if they get citizenship, the pension will be no mining, and the Russian minimal and is much less than the miner’s pension in Ukraine.

For those who have families, go to work. The morale in the army ORDO: drinking, looting, theft. Their have their own. Their their. Combat losses account for 30% of the number of fatalities. 40% of the wounded die because of late medical care or the professionalism of physicians.

Russian “itemname” local openly accused of desertion and attempts to “stand behind us”. The feud between ataneli and local rolls.

And itemname see in the Donbass resource, not their land. Just the resource. So I prefer arriving in Rostov oblast in the southern military district, to negotiate with the officers and to avoid performing the work of atamatov, and simply marauders, as in the Rostov region, and in ORDO.

Now these are atomnyy squared (because of their “no” in the Donbass, in their parts in Russia) turned into “Pripyat-2” once cheerful and cozy Chernukhin. Looters Rob here even flats, simply by pointing the machines to tenants. Here are the war of the looters.

I local obochiny with Russian itemname for the right to plunder or dismantle a particular house. When a Month ends, where will the looters?

Where there is still something to steal. The level of crime in ARDLA is growing steadily. Rob on the streets, the darkness was intimidating, inhabitants of the private sector who have at least some kind of beast, already openly talking about raids, acquiring a mass character. Throw a grenade through the window, shooting at the Windows with automatic weapons, and then breaking into cellars, removed from the cattle barns.

Here it is Russian world. And it doesn’t matter who you were in 2014, in 2015, you cheated, you didn’t want this, believed whether you are Russian or not, went on referendum, did you respubliku, you are still a resource, they still will come after you. Even Rob those homes where outside to hang the flag, and inside, next to the ikon portraits of Putin.

Amid all that surprised that the Novocherkassk garrison military court sentenced the soldier HRV serving under contract in the southern military district. The officer was convicted of abuse of his official powers against the interests of the service.

Determined that the soldier, directing the staff of the company, concealed from superior command of the facts of the unlawful absence of subordinates in the arrangement of parts. Thanks to him, seven contractors were able for a long time to avoid their duties and criminal prosecution for absence without leave.

The court appointed the soldier a punishment of deprivation of the right to occupy organizational-administrative posts in the Armed Forces of Russia for a period of 2 years.

The restriction also relate to the work in state bodies and local self-government bodies, state and municipal institutions, state corporations.

The court also partially satisfied the claim of the Ministry of defense and sought to convict 175 400 rubles in fines.

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