Sands hoped for a change in position of the trump in the Crimea

Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin in an interview with RT said he hopes to change the head of the American administration mantra refusal to recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia

Donald Trump

(Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters)

“Repetition of the phrase that Russia will not give up Crimea, not something that is absolutely illogical and pointless,” — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, answering the question of the correspondent RT of whether trump to be the politician who will speak about the Crimean issue in the unusual Western style politicians.

On specifying question of the correspondent RT, that will trump the West’s position, press Secretary of the President said, “We never wore rose-colored glasses, but, of course, count on it.”

Earlier, the US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker said that American media is too “hurried” with the development of stories about the possible recognition of Washington’s transfer of Crimea to Russia.

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