Seized hundreds of government agencies: the MP shines the removal of immunity, the details of the scandal

Lutsenko announced the filing for the removal of immunity from the scandalous people’s Deputy

The people’s Deputy involved in corruption schemes and misappropriation of funds of the defense industry, should be held criminally responsible. This was at the briefing in Kyiv said the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, reports “5 channel”.

Lutsenko said that in the near future will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a view to the removal of MP immunity. However, about whom exactly there is a speech, did not elaborate.

According to him, a person of interest involved in the assignment of the 278 real estate listings. In this list – house of culture, the Registrar, the Institute of the pipe industry, even the airport Kamenka. These objects have already been returned to the state. And now the Deputy should be held criminally responsible.

“Military factory, rocket factory, whose Director, the matter is already in court, and at the opening session of the Verkhovna Rada I will make submission of the respective people’s Deputy of Ukraine who is involved in this, I would say unprecedented immoral act of the destruction is actually part of the defense industry of our country”, – said the Prosecutor General.

As passed Politeka, the Executive Committee of “Samopomich” has decided to expel from the party the deputies of Kyiv city Council Sergey gusovsky, Aleksey Rudenko, Sergey Kharchuk and Vadim Vasilchuk. The fact that these MPs supported the controversial decision of the Kyiv city state administration on the allocation of the relatives of their colleagues Roman Marchenko land plots in Kyiv with a total area of over 1.4 hectares.

After this on his page in the social network Gusovsky posted a video and written statement in which he tried to justify himself. But instead to explain the matter and to respond to the allegations, the politician said that his exception is Shoe party, like the political killings of 1937 in the USSR. The Ukrainians, however, will require the Deputy to answer for his actions.

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The incident

Recall, Groisman loudly to embarrass the network: such a shame nobody expected, revealing photos.

As reported Politeka, the scandal over wiretapping phones of journalists continued: in the Parliament announced the details.

Also Politeka wrote that Nasirov goes to the President: the scandalous details of the life of corrupt.

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Posted by Sergei Gusovsky on Friday, September 7, 2018

Source: channel 5

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