Sentsov not let go: it became known about the fatal decision of Putin

The Kremlin did not release Oleg Sentsov because of personal resentment of Vladimir Putin, but other political prisoners can be exchanged, but only under one condition

This is the opinion of the known Russian lawyer and human rights defender Nikolai Polozov. He believes that the Kremlin is not likely to agree to set free a wrongfully convicted Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov.

According to Polozov, the early release of a political prisoner is impossible because of personal resentment of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

“Putin has a thing for Sentsov, who called him “bloody dwarf”. Boris Nemtsov, also insulted him, and Orkhan Jemal live wanted death. Putin is such resentment captures and remembers,” — said the lawyer.

He also said that Sentsov was convicted on charges of “terrorism”, so the Kremlin will not be able to release him without violating your a demonstrative image of the country-“a fighter with terrorists.”

“I’m afraid that Oleg Sentsov may be one of the new members of the Ukrainian Pantheon of heroes,” — said Polozov.

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Show business

At the same time, he believes that the release of other political prisoners is possible, but only under one condition. The lawyer said that Putin is ready to go on the foreign policy deals with the West, but not with Ukraine. So it can be released wrongfully convicted of Ukrainians, but only if the West will enjoy the best conditions.

Polozov said that Ukraine can not force the West to act more decisively in this matter.

“Fear that the situation with political prisoners in the near future will deteriorate. The regime needs new victims,” warned the lawyer.

Prior to this, the sister of Oleg Sentsov Natalie Kaplan said that Putin can “avenge” her brother from public humiliation.

“At first there were just enough Pro-Ukrainian-minded people, and then everything began to turn so that he became quite a valuable hostage. Unfortunately, it is. Plus in the fact, and this is also a rumor that it’s a personal insult to Putin because of the fact that Oleg called it in court, “the bloody dwarf”, which he strongly dislikes. Oleg is the only political prisoner who spoke. Maybe it played a role,” she said.

Recall that Kaplan made a statement on the fake to release Sentsov.

As reported Politeka, sister Sentsov, addressed to the Ukrainians, it can hurt.

Also Politeka told why Sentsov was not released from a Russian prison.

Source: “Facts”

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