Shahs: the Government should not comply with the requirements of the gas oligarchs

Party “Our land” calls on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine not to raise the tariff for gas transportation, as required by the owners of regional gas companies

“Since the beginning of this year, the oligarchs controlled gas regional gas demand from the government to increase the tariff for transportation of gas of 2.5-7.3 times, depending on volumes and number of customers. If the regulator NKREKU fulfill the requirements of the tariff for the use of the gas pipe with 514 UAH per thousand cubic meters will increase threefold. We urge the government not to comply with the requirements of the gas oligarchs”, — quotes the press service of “Our region” of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Shakhov.

According to policy, if the government will fulfill the requirements of the gas companies, the gas price for the population will grow at least 15%.

“As experience shows, the oligarchs over the years have received preferential treatment from the state, but not a penny of the profit did not go to the modernization of the grid. Now for a new “gas Scam” will pay the Ukrainians: the gas will be transported through the same pipes, but more expensive 900 UAH”, — said the shahs.

He urged the government not to increase the tariff for the use of gas pipes. “Another increase in gas tariff will trigger the system growth rates for all utilities will make the Ukrainians even poorer and enrich the oligarchs. The Ukrainians do not have to pay for another “gas Scam”, he concluded.

The party recalled that the regional gas companies, announced the project on gas distribution. The average regional gas companies propose to increase their rates 2.5-4 times, and PJSC “Korostyleva” — 7.5 times.

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