Shooting in Kerch: Crimeans, this is only the beginning, you have been warned and now it’s your reality

That in Russian-occupied Crimea will increase the threat of terrorist attacks and emergency, had warned for a long time

About this on his page in Facebook wrote journalist Arkady Babchenko.

So, he recalled his address to the Crimeans which he wrote four years ago.

“Welcome, Crimea! Well, Hello, dear Crimeans! Glad to see you. And in the first lines of my letter, let me congratulate you on the fact that it was the last referendum in your life… Learn, by the way, the two terms. WHO is counter-terrorist operation, and “RDX”. This is important. This is really really important. And try in the future to avoid crowded places, stations, airports, train stations and especially airports, bus stations, markets, concerts and all” — then wrote Babchenko.

Now the journalist said that such realities of life became reality, and in everyday life of the Crimean people had a lot of new words.

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The incident

Entry Babchenko appeared as a reaction to the terrorist attack at a College in Kerch, when the guy shot the students and teachers of the institution and gave it a blast.

“The fact that there surely is a must! — begin “attacks”, it was clear to anyone familiar with the Russian reality. It was inevitable. Can’t get past FSB of the Crimea. Twenty-five years you some of the words I have not heard of such a terrorist attack, a bombing, a hijacking, hostages, an unidentified explosive device, RDX, TNT, Wahhabism, was banned in Russia organization, Hizb-UB-Tahrir, extremism, storm, gas. And now is your reality. Get used to it. Learn. Adapt to new living conditions. All the delights of the police of the Empire at your service”, — Babchenko writes.

“Told you what it means to be Russian. Said better not. Chewed about a TV as a lie,” he added.

Babchenko said that not to gloat and really sympathized: “This terrible attack. But we survived it all. We all know this already. And you said — it will be so. Though about the children think”.

But only krimchane didn’t want to listen. But, as noted by Babchenko, today was only the beginning.

“And tomorrow you will start to live in the background. In fact, this is only the beginning. The easiest day was today,” he wrote.

We will remind, eyewitnesses said the carnage at the College of Kerch.

As reported Politeka, more details emerged about the explosion in the Kerch Polytechnic College.

Also Politeka wrote that the Kerch arrow was found murdered.

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