Skinny Stepanenko spoke for the first time about her divorce from Petrosyan. Video

Skinny Stepanenko spoke for the first time about her divorce from Petrosyan. Video

For the first time after news of the divorce, Elena Stepanenko commented on the breakup with comedian Evgeniy Petrosyan.

She during this time lost a lot of weight, changed her image. Now the public can see her only in dark glasses and a scarf on her head.

Stepanenko divorce Petrosian

The Joker assured that applies to this philosophically calmly say, “it happens”, nothing serious. About the division of property Stepanenko said:

“How the court decides, so be it. Each person in life something happens. Here we are with Eugene Vaganovich was a divorce … Well, it happened”, – said Stepanenko, not hiding the smile on her face.

Petrosyan himself was more verbose explanation.
For example, expressed hope for continuation of good relations and fruitful cooperation with Stepanenko, with whom he had been married for over 30 years.

Yevgeny Petrosyan even waited a whole day and then filed a counterclaim. According to the lawyer, the statement Stepanenko is written incorrectly.

“In the header of the document she requested divorce and divide property, but in the narrative too keen on division of property and forgets about the dissolution of a marriage”, – said the lawyer.

The human rights activist also noted that Petrosyan did not agree with the requirements of the couple and described his version of the division of property.

We propose to divide the property equally, and not, as she insists”.

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