Solovyov tightly reined expressed about the Crimea Ukrainian diplomat

Another hot dispute broke out in the Studio of TV program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”. Guest talk show, Kiev diplomat Vadim Triukhan, when talking about one of those decided to blame Russia for the fact that the cause of the military conflict in Ukraine allegedly began its “invasion”.

This Vladimir Solovyov harshly replied that no war would not have happened if on the territory of Ukraine, Russian troops entered. And reminded that the conflict in the Donbas began after the change of power in Kiev, reports the words of the presenter “Газета.Ru”.

However, the Ukrainian diplomat went on to blame Russia in all troubles of Ukraine, including the referendum in the Crimea allegedly held “at gunpoint”. Solovyov asked to give the number of those “blew”, but the representative of Kiev, and could not recall the exact number.

In particular, Solovyev reminded that Ukraine at the time of the referendum on the Peninsula was 30 thousand personnel of the armed forces, as well as in the Crimea находились20 thousand Russian troops that were stationed there by agreement with Kiev.

“Two million of the population of Crimea came voluntarily, without any coercion,” — reminded the representative of Ukraine Vladimir Solovyov.

Author: Olesya Kharitonova

Vladimir Solovyov Source: Global Look Press

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