Some candidates in presidents of Ukraine scares the “full compatibility” the Ukrainian army with NATO standards – Friz

The doubts of some candidates in presidents of Ukraine of the necessity of the transition of the army to full compatibility with NATO standards is actually a recognition of the plans to curtail the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of the country, says MP from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, the Chairman of the parliamentary delegation to the NATO parliamentary Assembly, Irina Friz.

“I want to hear the explanations about the criticism of the current military doctrine of the President of Ukraine one of the candidates for the highest office. Today, while our servicemen are taking part in the largest NATO exercises in Norway, it was stated that the document needs serious revision, because of the presence of “full compatibility” the Ukrainian army with NATO standards,” wrote I. Frieze on the page in social network Facebook, said Tuesday the press service of the BPP.

The politician said that as the Chairman of the standing delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the NATO parliamentary Assembly, she constantly hears from partners theses on “the need for early implementation of NATO standards, including technical STANAG to transition to a new level of relations with the North Atlantic Treaty organization.

“Therefore, to question the necessity of “full compatibility” means to state clearly on the entry of our country into NATO,” — said the MP.

It expressed concern about the possibility of repeating the scenario of 2008, when “the government of Ukraine has actually renounced Euro-Atlantic course of the state.”

“The rejection of integration into NATO is a realization of the dreams of the Kremlin – the transformation of the whole of Ukraine into a Russian puppet,” said I. Frieze.

According to her, in the Armed forces of Ukraine positive changes in the transition to NATO standards, although I would like to accelerate their implementation.

“Thus, the revision of the strategy agreed with our partners in the framework of the SOB (Strategic defense Bulletin – if) and ANP (Annual national program of cooperation Ukraine-NATO – Interfax) is the actual recognition of the plans to curtail the process of joining the Alliance in case of a victory on elections. And that’s a concern,” said the MP.

She expressed hope for a quick explanation of the meaning of “the provocative statements from political opponents of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine”.

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