Some emotions and a glass: Zakharova flashed intelligence, network out

The press Secretary of the foreign Ministry, the chief propagandist of the Kremlin, Maria Zakharova very peculiar commented on the statement of US state Department sanctions against Russia, which caused laughter and confusion among users on the network

This is evidenced by the post Zakharova on her page in Facebook.

In a statement the Department said that “we would like to have a good relationship with the Russian government. And sanctions are one tool of the whole set, with which we can try to set any government on improving behaviour”.

“What is this set “which helps to adjust the government on improving behaviors for better relations with the United States”?”, — was indignant g-Zha Zaharova, published after 22 Emoji, including the image of a bat, spider, snake, Scorpion, hurricane, water gun, bomb, knife, grave, syringe, crossed swords and cards with a Joker.

The network did not appreciate sense of humor Zakharova.

We recently wrote that the Russian government found the “original” way to get back at a Pro-Ukrainian journalist Orhan Jemal, who a week ago was killed in a CAR.

“The stupid vindictiveness of the authorities, not knowing what to do with Orhan in life, knows no bounds. It is impossible to believe, but the family said that the “lost” conclusion of the death of Orkhan Jemal, signed by the Russian Consul in the Central African Republic,” said Russian journalist Maksim Shevchenko.

Moreover, according to him, the relatives and friends of the deceased journalist can’t just bury him.

“Now we can’t dig a grave and have to wait until they deign to send the diplomatic pouch new. The foreign Ministry has no claims. And to whom? Who are these TV*ri? Or “find” lost at the airport. Only done for*e jackals bite a dead lion,” he said.

Later on the words of Shevchenko responded by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

We will remind, in the regiment of experts rostv has arrived: the mentally ill American asked to Putin.

As reported Politeka, the victory in the nomination “the idiocy of the year”: the propagandists of the Russian Federation disgraced with shelf Poroshenko, the network is laughing.

Also Politeka wrote that guess who Seagal: photo of Zakharova with Hollywood actor caused laughter in the network.

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