Squad 124 and agreements with dictators (Part 2)

Squad 124 and agreements with dictators (Part 2)

But the most interesting thing happened after the Second world war.

Pak joined the Communists, was arrested, but pardoned. Moreover, in the history of his release have involved the Americans that suggests its real mission in the Communist party.

By the way, Pak revealed all the known ties of the Communists and quite a large Communist network was destroyed. Sam Pak became a member of the military counterintelligence and specialized in the capture and destruction of the Communists.

During the Korean war took a course of accelerated training of officers in the US and by the end it got the rank of General.

In the early 60-ies, when South Korea was shaken in convulsions of revolution, military coup and Pak Jonge led the Republic is gradually stabilizing the situation and laying the foundations for a new economy, which subsequently fired at a South Korean economic miracle.

In General, the reasons for the murders of the Pack was more than enough, especially since the hopes of the North Korean leadership that the turmoil of its southern neighbor will inevitably lead to the reunification of the North began to melt before our eyes. More apparent was the growing situation in South Korea.

That is why in order to avenge those of the Communists, who personally caught the pack, in Seoul, were sent to battle the group of group 124.

The idea was not so unrealistic. The group were stopped just 800 metres from the residence of the President and most of it was destroyed, and some taken prisoners. Only one soldier managed to return to the North, where he soon became a General.

All these developments were implemented by the grandfather of the current ruler and to believe that it can be seriously on something to negotiate – it is ridiculous. But that’s not all.

The story had a continuation, which is very relevant to what we see today in Ukraine.

We are not surprised that Russia is abandoning its instantly people who take part in combat or special operations on foreign soil. But this is a birth injury of any regime that involved on Bolshevism or any sort of communism.

Two days after the defeat of the subversive groups in the neutral waters near the territorial waters of the DPRK was seized by an American ship, electronic intelligence. Thus, one of the crew members was killed and 82 captured.

After three days in the demilitarized zone of Korea held a meeting of the special representative of the U.S. Navy rear Admiral John Smith and his counterpart from Pak Chang cook.

Smith presented opponent testimony of hostile actions by the DPRK, including the trajectory of the warships North Korea, the capture of the American ship. But these arguments had no effect and the process moved into a prolonged phase of negotiations.

Washington insisted on the liberation of their people and offered various options to resolve the situation. In particular, Pyongyang had offered to exchange prisoners fighters group 124 on the crew of the Pueblo.

On this proposal, officials of the DPRK said the following. They don’t know anything about groups 124, neither of those fighters who were captured. The presence of some specific evidence, the place of production which could only be the DPRK, it was explained that you can buy at any px.

And from fighters Pyongyang refused completely, saying that it was not our people, and the rebels of the South Korean miners and tractor drivers.

This despite the fact that it is not about one group of troop 124, infiltrating in South Korea.

Just we are talking about the group that was to destroy President Park Chanhi. Other groups had other jobs. By that time it was already destroyed 130 scouts and 43 of them were captured alive.

One of the soldiers of the detachment, who agreed to cooperate with authorities, said all he knows about its structure, methods of penetration in South Korea and what tactics are used to achieve the objectives.

It should be noted that his testimony was not the result of conscious and voluntary transition to the side of the enemy. He was captured in battle, only because I was triggered last grenade, but it was defective and did not explode.

He just didn’t plan to survive this situation and what he then saw and heard completely changed his idea about South Korea and about his homeland. Later he was pardoned and left to live in South Korea.

Tellingly, all of these attacks affected South Korea in the opposite direction. If Pak Jonhy promoted the theory of self-journey and self-sufficiency of South Korea, they were chosen clear Pro-Western path of development as we know it now.

And here with these characters who are not just spiritual followers, but also blood heirs of the Communist dictators, soaked in the stench chuchelko-Communist obscurantism, the West is trying to conduct some negotiations to take on faith the promises, even the UN, though Putin.

Their history teaches nothing.


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