That will change the electoral reform, which under the rebel Parliament: questions and answers

This morning, under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada began the rally for electoral reform. Became known, the task of the new system and how it will work

To date, Ukraine has a combined electoral system: half of deputies (225) were elected to the Verkhovna Rada through majority districts, gaining a majority of votes, while the second half (225) enters the Parliament through closed party lists, when the voter has to vote for a particular party or bloc of parties. In this case, the passage in Parliament of MPs want the party gained more than 5% of the vote.

The main goal of electoral reform — the introduction of elections with open lists. Under this system, deputies will be able to run only on the parties in 27 districts of the country. At first, the party will have to make a national list of candidates and then allocate them to 27 districts. One candidate can run in only one region.

This system will allow voters to choose who the specific candidates from the party to vote.

In addition, the new Election code, there are other innovations. Among them:

  • The lowering of the threshold at parliamentary elections from 5% to 4%;
  • Open lists in multi-member constituencies in elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, regional councils and councils of large cities the number of voters, more than 90 000;
  • Multi-mandate majoritarian system of relative majority in local elections in cities with number of voters less than 90 000;
  • The creation of regional offices of the CEC;
  • A gender quota that stipulates that every five candidates on the shortlist should be no more than three members of the same sex;
  • The need for mandatory training for members of election commissions;
  • Additional requirements for electoral advertising on television.

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Show business

Many Ukrainian politicians and activists demanding the adoption of this reform, claiming that the current electoral system proved its complete failure.

They call to abandon the electoral law Yanukovych, noting that the new system will allow, in particular, to cope with such pressing problems as the purchase of slots on the lists and vote buying, “buckwheat”.

Recall earlier we talked about the unexpected proposal of the CEC for the election campaign.

As reported Politeka, elections in Ukraine can not take place.

Politeka also told that the MPs could derail the reform, which will radically change the lives of all.

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