The American humiliation of the “great sea power”

The American humiliation of the “great sea power”

Kerch gamble Putin climbs him sideways. And in this case I mean not so much ignore the G-20 summit from the President of the United States Donald trump or the next wave of condemnation of Russia by the international community, and the mirror measures which were against Russia act of the U.S. Navy.

Yeah, I mean pass missile destroyer USS McCampbell in the waters of the sea of Japan and in Peter the Great Bay in the Primorsky region of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, despite the fact that in the Gulf of Peter the Great is the entire Pacific fleet of the Russian Navy, nor rams-heaps, nor even of attacks and boarding of the USS held the Russian sailors was not.

Whether not noticed a destroyer, or bench-press work.

Throughout its existence the Russian Federation has asserted themselves in dominance over weaker opponents.

She dominated the weaker Moldova, Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine, transplanting in them the germs “highly spiritual” metastasis.

As far as a serious opponent, even Turkey in 2015 when he was shot down by a Russian su-24, was not given an adequate response, and later does the whole conflict was hushed up.

The incident in the Gulf of Peter the Great, who and incident it is difficult to call, clearly demonstrated that against someone who can fight back and hurt so a few decades to recover, Russia is powerless.

In fact, Putin his antics in the Kerch Strait, the US unleashed hands to operate in the disputed areas as they please and from a position of strength.

And I will be very interesting to observe how to behave in Russia, when the USA wants to take advantage of the Kerch Strait, that their destroyer has visited Mariupol. With what expression and euphoria then it will sound wild: “Push it!”

Interestingly, this fact is not only of the Kerch Strait or the Gulf of Peter the great.

To humiliate the Russian Navy, too pretentious, and now the United States can worldwide. Well, what can afford

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