The analyst called a key reason for the defeat of the Russian General in the battle for the presidency of Interpol.

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One of the determining factors that influenced the loss of the applicant from Russia on elections of the head of Interpol – the General-the major of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Alexander Prokopchuk was the fact of his work for the Russian foreign intelligence Service.

About this site “Today,” said political analyst Alexander paly, commenting on the convincing victory of the candidate from South Korea over the Russian after the final vote at the General Assembly of this international organization and the scandals of the applicant from the Russian Federation.

Read takuaikan spoke of the important role of Ukraine in the defeat of the Russian Interpol

“Of course, the results of the elections of the head of Interpol is the success of Ukraine. And it was largely due to the fact that the Russian candidate (that he was a General of the interior Ministry was clear) from time to time was photographed with the mark of the Russian intelligence services. It was not a very good image from the perspective of a career in Interpol. That is, it will have this icon shows that he has experience in the Russian foreign intelligence Service. Accordingly, this has affected and angered many people (at the international political level, – Ed.)”, the expert stressed.

Thus, according to him, despite the formation of negative public opinion at the international level, there was a threat of the victory of the candidate.

“His victory was almost real, and this threat was quite problematic for Ukraine at some stage. It was not all so simply, so to speak. I think that was a very important position of the Americans. When Ukraine raised a fuss, and our position in the international organizations supported by Lithuania and some post-Soviet countries, when the United States acceded to this issue, such a move has seriously affected the formation of the final consolidated position of most countries,” he explained.

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