The analyst called today’s words of Putin intimidate the West.

Vladimir Putin / REUTERSПрезидент of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin blackmails and intimidates his weapon the West.

About it on air of TV channel “Direct” said political analyst Nikolay Davidyuk.

“This is a return to the two thousandth, which did not want to talk. But his phrase… the last time a similar phrase was “to wet in toilets”. This is an analogue of this phrase, but a more experienced politician. It is the jargon picks up something else. But, by and large, is a phrase of one linear series. The job was such and put to them a little bit intimidated. He blackmails his arms, he intimidates his arms. He has lately, the worse the economy, the more empty the fridge, it all says more about the intimidation of the West. It’s his style,” – said the analyst.

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Davidyuk said that the Russians wanted the Orthodox Empire.

“I would like sociology to see how the Russians this phrase was to see if there is this joy, as after the occupation of Crimea. Cool was the show to watch when there was a full refrigerator. Between is ran from the fridge that was worn and looked – it was very interesting, fun and delicious, most importantly. And now is not interesting, not fun, because it is not tasty. Nothing,” he said.

Davidyuk said that Russia is not the same wealth, which it is.

“I’m not talking about hunger, in any case. But this is not the prosperity. If you used to be able to fly twice in Egypt, three times in Egypt, bought a new car, refrigerator took the credit – now it is not. Here is Russia, which was shown on television, where everything is fine – there is none. She then was exaggerated, and now half of that is not. And that’s the problem,” he said.

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