The case of Ukrainian Panova, sentenced to 8 years for planning acts of sabotage in the Crimea, to the Supreme court of Russia

The case of the citizen of Ukraine Eugene Panov, which the Supreme court of the Crimea in July was found guilty of preparing acts of sabotage on the Peninsula and was sentenced to 8 years in a penal colony, sent to the Supreme court for the consideration of appeals lawyers.

“I got a cover letter that the business sent from the Republic of Crimea to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation for consideration on appeal”, — has informed “Interfax” one of the lawyers Panov Sergey Legostaev.

The meeting date is still unknown. S. Legostaev suggested that the case will be considered in October.

Advocates are asking the armed forces to justify Ukrainian.

S. Legostaev also reported that Panov visited in early September, he complained of a toothache. “In the state (Simferopol SIZO — if) no physician, dentist, staff only breaks the teeth, and to heal the man with the will — dentist who comes with his instrument. The teeth are treated at one time. While dealing with this issue, this is not a momentary decision,” — said the lawyer.

As reported, the Federal security service of Russia said that prevented 7-8 August 2016 several attempts to break into Crimea and subversive-terrorist groups on Ukrainian territory, which killed Russian military and intelligence personnel.

According to the FSB, E. gentry was an employee of the main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine and one of the leaders of the group of saboteurs. Ukrainian first confessed, but later said that he had done so under torture.

The defense Ministry of Ukraine has denied information about the detention of its employees in the Crimea.

A native of Energodar E. Panov previously worked as a bus driver at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, he is a former member of the ATO. He is recognized as the sun of the Crimea guilty under several articles of the Russian Criminal code: “illegal storage and transportation of weapons and ammunition”, “attempted smuggling of arms and ammunition”, “preparation for sabotage as part of an organized group.”

The court in the Crimea read him in about two years, which Ukrainian spent in custody.

Lawyers appealed against the verdict.

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