The CEC President asked Parliament to determine the electoral system in Ukraine

The head of the Central election Commission of Ukraine Tatyana Slipachuk urged the Ukrainian parliamentarians not to delay and to determine the electoral legislation.

“I’m asking you not to hang in the air of the Central election Commission about how the elections will be held”, — said T. Slipachuk in Parliament on Tuesday during the “round table” dedicated to the threat of Russian intervention in Ukrainian elections.

She recalled that currently, Parliament is considering a draft Electoral code, which the Verkhovna Rada adopted in first reading. The head of the Commission also added that the CEC has sent to Parliament a letter in which he informed about the readiness of the members to join the work on the draft code.

“We also see the issues. If not dealt with now, at the time of adoption of the code, and then we will not be able to address them point by changes in the relevant laws on presidential elections or elections of people’s deputies, we get a lot of questions, which become an obstacle during the elections”, — said T. Slipachuk.

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