The Central Bank sold us bonds for tens of billions of dollars to himself?

The Central Bank sold us bonds for tens of billions of dollars to himself?

News first: the Central Bank in June, all has stopped the sale of U.S. debt.

The second news — there are new assumptions about the meaning of this sale. In short: no sales in reality was not.

Of course, the Central Bank should not behave this way: suddenly cut investments in the US debt of $81,2 billion and not publicly explaining the reason for the sale, or where, in fact, now the money will go.

This generates a lot of rumors and speculation, including absolutely ridiculous.

We just wrote about this maneuver of the Central Bank and we were interested in why he did it. For example, here:

But the Americans — the independent Council on foreign relations, CFR is interested in WHO he sold us bonds.

They looked, who increased their assets in bonds. And a little investigation led to the holders from Belgium and the Cayman Islands. Who purchased half of the sales of the CBR.

And then they make the assumption that the holders of the related CBR. And so the CBR didn’t get rid of us debt, but simply transferred his hold to the third party, not associated with the United States. To avoid possible sanctions.

Direct evidence of this theory is just conjecture. And it is not without a kind of logic.

Nabiullina like and fulfill the order of the President (to reduce investments in the debt of the United States to protect him from possible sanctions) and at the same time, remained the most profitable of the reliable securities in the world. Financiers — they are. Twisted, wiercenie…

And Yes, if the assumptions CFR fair, the CBR had some intermediaries, through whom he now holds the us debt. This is hardly some “secret offshore” as quick to assume some Tg channels.

Rather, affilirovannye with the CBR credit institutions or the related agreements and Bank secrecy quite respectable non-us banks…

Part there of offshore companies a La Roldugin very doubtful… Although, of course, we are here themselves on a slippery slope of assumptions — who knows what’s under the cloak of secrecy?


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