The controversial Minister sacked: been waiting for this for a year and a half

On 22 November, the deputies voted for the dismissal of Taras Kutovy from the post of Minister of agrarian policy.

For the resolution on resignation of the Minister of agrarian policy and food Kutova N9327 voted 257 deputies.

So the process of decision-making, the Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on agrarian policy Oleksandr Bakumenko reminded that Kutovoy he wrote a letter of resignation. But, know that now is not the acting Minister of agrarian wrote it a year and a half ago, namely at the end of may 2017. Then Kutovoy made a statement that is going to focus on the issues of attracting investments in the Ukrainian economy.

We will remind, Kutovoy holds the position of head of the Ministry of agriculture in the government of Vladimir Groisman 14 April 2016.

Kutovoy began his career in the International Fund “Revival”, which initially took a position of Deputy chief auditor projects. Interestingly, earlier school, where he taught the mother of Taras Kutovy and he studied, became part of the “Revival”. The Foundation has become interested in local school and took the institution under his care. Eight of its employees received special scholarships, and promising students were paid special attention.

In 1999, Kutovoy got a job at the newly created Foundation “step by Step”. It became a joint project of the Soros Fund “Renaissance” and the American “child development Center”. Thus, the appointment of such a high position was said about the credibility of Kutova from the Renaissance.

In 2004, Kutovoy went to work in CJSC “Investment company XXI century” in the post of financial Director. This company is known to many that are actively buying up land in the capital, and then was engaged in their construction.

Core business, “XXI century” at the time was development, i.e. resale of a property increase its value by changing, remodeling or construction. In addition, due to the fact that the owner of the company Lev Partskhaladze was earlier the Deputy of the Kiev Council, and also had extensive contacts with the current government, “XXI century” received land in the capital for a symbolic price. Say, Lev Partskhaladze was well received in most offices of the government, until the President’s Secretariat.

A logical question arises, why Kutova to leave a successful Soros company? However, the details given to understand the motives of the financier. So, after the transition of the economist in “XXI century” the company also settled Yaroslav Kinakh – Ukrainian Austro-canadian origin, who arrived in Ukraine in the early 90s as a representative of the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD). Experts called him one of the representatives of Soros in the market business. It is noteworthy that the people of California took the position in the company “XXI Century Investments”, which was registered in Cyprus.

Thus, the corruption scheme was the following: Partskhaladze punched in Kyiv land and was engaged in their construction, and Yaroslav Kinakh withdraw money offshore. It all happened, obviously, not without the help of financial Director Taras Kutovy.

But according to media reports, he had another function – the Treasurer sold on the London auctions luxury real estate in Kiev, thus raising the share price “of the XXI century”. Partial information about it in 2006, published the people’s Deputy Mykola Tomenko, which caused a massive scandal.

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