The court ordered Russia to inform about the execution of the decision on the resumption of the work of Parliament until January 19, 2019.

The court of justice recalled the requirement to resume the work of Parliament / photo UNIAN

The international court of justice United Nations has reminded the Russian Federation about carrying out his requirements to resume the activities of the Majlis of Crimean Tatars in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

About it the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European integration Elena zerkal reported in Facebook.

“The court of justice clearly pointed out Russia on its duty to comply with the Court’s order and resume work of the Majlis, because it is now a requirement of the court are not fulfilled,” – said the diplomat.

In this regard, she said: “we have Just received a letter from the International Court of justice, in which the Court told us that he had sent to the RF requirement goals inherent in the Court of the conservative diplomatic language, relative to the binding point of Order of the United Nations on the resumption of the activities of the Majlis”.

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“Because for us it was obvious that Russia was not going to repeal the discriminatory ban on the activities of Parliament, as expressly provided by Order of the International Court of justice, on the 19th of April this year we went to Court with a request to confirm that Russia is obliged to abolish the prohibition of activities of the Majlis in accordance with the Order of the International court of justice of 19 April 2017 on the application of provisional measures,” – said zerkal.

“In further correspondence with the Court of Russia, in the best traditions of the Stalinist Soviet Union tried to convince everyone that the Crimean Tatars live well in the occupation. These explanations do not distract the Court’s attention from the main thing – the order of the court are not fulfilled,” – said the diplomat.

She stated that, in its letter, the Court granted the request of the Ukrainian side and “directly drew the attention of Russia, the Order is mandatory, the requirement to resume the work of Parliament is clear and requires the adoption of specific measures.”

“Russia needs to take these measures and to inform the Court about them until January 19, 2019,” – said zerkal.

According to her, Ukraine is an important instrument in the struggle for the rights of the Crimean Tatar people and for the resumption of the activities of the Majlis.

“This Court is also reminded of, that judicial decisions should respect and fulfil, and orders of the court of justice, and the decision of the Stockholm arbitration Institute, and many other courts, which consider cases against Russia”, – summed up the mirror.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the international court of justice in the Hague on 19 April 2017 announced the decision, which partially granted the request of Ukraine on the application of provisional measures against Russia. Measures related to the International Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination (CERD).

The court pointed out that Russia should not limit the ability of Crimean Tatars to preserve their institutions, including the Parliament. For this decision voted 13 judges against three. The decision was unanimous, according to which Russia must ensure the availability of education in the Ukrainian language.

On charges of the Russian Federation in violation of the International Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism, the court decided that Ukraine had not provided enough evidence that would have been a substantial basis for the application of provisional measures.

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