The cure for political!

The cure for political!

Daniel fried explained how to properly choke a bitch

While Russian officials are trying to convince the world that they are clinical idiots, and they do not pay attention, everything goes on as usual.

In fact, the same sand even in a head does not come that now he is trying to play the shameful role for his country that even when the scoop is not played.

He is showing signs of private insanity, a severe mental illness of his chief, and their own country shows some rural mental hospital, which is best avoided, for there the inhabitants have learned to accurately throw feces and to do more fancy things that even can not think.

About the speeches of Masha Zakharova can not write anything at all. Her health, undermined by excessive abuse, rushing out of her in a continuous stream, but Russia’s envoy at the UN, the sebenza is still full of energy and cheerfully demonstrates the habits of a bald idiot. He does it pretty good and even convincing.

If the question about the chemical attack on the citizens of the UK queer replied that they had a great world Cup, then there can only shrug. Talent will not spend on drink. So they, the Russian foreign Ministry will soon take “for William, our Shakespeare”.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate is determined by the direction of further sanctions against Russia. That they should regularly increase, have no doubt, especially in light of recent statements by the UK leadership. But there we discuss the conceptual issues that are important when building a new sanctions designs.

In this discussion we would highlight two major lines that will shape what we will see in the form of new sanctions lists.

The first line connected with personal sanctions. As rightly noted by former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul in Moscow there is a situation that any, even the most absurd decision by Putin, there is not subject to negotiation or condemnation, so that would not have decided to Putin, there it will perform.

In this case, he proposes to move the emphasis of sanctions on the persons who somehow shape the nature of decisions made at the stage of their development. That is, in addition to those which already lit up in some dirty deeds, add, and those who did not directly covered in them, but of course affect decision-making.

In our opinion, this is an important innovation, because now the sanctions will fly all those who just gaped mitten or fancies himself the elusive gray cardinal leaves no traces.

Now this will not work, and money in Hong Kong may not be available, or to paraphrase Voland, “suddenly unavailable.” I think now the most quirky and thoughtful characters, the Kremlin will have to think about the eternal, and – with a decent share of philosophy.

The second direction of the lifting of sanctions are sectoral activities. At the same time sounded a pretty sensible idea, which explains why so far not come under direct sanctions Gazprom itself, and not its numerous subsidiaries.

Expert analytical Council Daniel fried said that to put under the sanctions of the current mining companies right now is not worth it, because it will lead to higher prices for raw materials produced by them, and in the end, it can reverse the expected impact from the sanctions.

Instead, it is necessary to take tough measures to block work on the deployment of new capacity and already having to push indirectly through a ban on the supply of technological equipment and other things.

From this it can be concluded that the gradual pressing it the extractive industries of the Russian Federation will continue until the moment when the market can easily make up for their complete care.

The same applies to the debt of the Russian Federation. Not to derail financial markets, the sanctions must resolutely resist Moscow’s attempts to accommodate its new securities for raising capital, and not to touch.

Thus, Russia will lose access to international sources of credit and will be forced either to pull out the loot and throw it into the furnace of a crumbling economy (which is unlikely), or to look for internal reserves, and also throw them into the same furnace. It is clear that so long can not continue, and some things they will have to reconsider.

But in this whole situation is not important, even mechanisms that are now practiced, and the full consolidation of political forces of the United States that occurred around the confrontation with Russia, and this is a very long time.

Probably the current format of Muscovy had passed the cancellation of at least part of the sanctions. With them will already understand the successor, as Russia did after the scoop.

The situation has already passed the point of no return, and understands it is a growing number of forces outside the United States.


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