The defense Ministry formed the scientific-production company of shipbuilders

Military Commissariat, Arkhangelsk region formed the first scientific-production company of the recruits of a spring appeal. They will pass military service in the shops Sevmash. As reported “MK” the press service of the shipyard, the new recruits will be involved in the construction of nuclear submarines.

Photo: sevmash.ru.

Previously specialized units of this kind in the North-West did not exist. The idea to create along with scientific companies, and even research and production defense Minister Sergei Shoigu expressed in 2015 during a meeting with representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Federal Agency of scientific organizations.

“We started a large program on the organization of scientific mouth. And, frankly, today we can confidently say that this project has taken place. We have a very large tenders for the service in research company, that is service in the course of the year, but at the same time create the conditions to continue scientific work, if any in the Institute”, – said the Minister.

Since then, the number of scientific mouth in the army exceeded ten. The defense Ministry is overjoyed. Gifted young men during their military service fueling military science important research and scientific-technical developments. From nauchno-PROIZVODSTVENNOE mouth another task: to make so that the young people who came to work for major defense companies, not to leave them for a year for military service.

Assistance in the organization of scientific-production company sevmashu had a training center for Junior specialists of the United training center Navy. Military service will be held there fifty recruits, who have secondary professional education. This is the main requirement for candidates for service in the “production” unit. All 50 recruits graduated from the College of Severodvinsk shipbuilding and engineering. They also during his studies, got good training and practical experience in the shops Sevmash .

Conscripts will begin to work in military production unit in the coming weeks, as soon as you take the Oath. While they, like all new recruits — basic training.

For service in such company demand such working professions, as Turner, marine fitter, collector of hull, Miller. Service in the research and production company will keep working habits. It is planned that another fifty recruits of autumn conscription will also perform at Sevmash, and at the same time being engaged in military training.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the formation of scientific-production units in the structure of the Ministry of defense in February 2018. One such company is formed in Tula, where there are several large defense enterprises. The main goal – supplying the military-industrial complex for young workers and specialists for the state procurement.

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