The difference between the Fight of trump and the EU is a threat to NATO

Despite the fierce disputes between the United States and the European Union, NATO members need to maintain unity. Reports replyua.net about this in his article for the British newspaper “The Guardian” wrote NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“At the political level, our relations are under strain. There are real differences between the US and other allies on issues such as trade, climate change and nuclear agreement with Iran,” – said Stoltenberg in less than a month before the summit of heads of countries-members of NATO in Brussels.

He continued that such differences are real and in one night will not disappear. “Nowhere stated that transatlantic relations will always flourish. This, however, does not mean the inevitability of their destruction,” continued Stoltenberg. According to him, the Alliance is deeply interested in its unity, especially given the global threats and actions of the Russian Federation.

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