The Director of the RRG plans to launch the work of the Department in full this autumn.

To work in the State Bureau of investigation (GBR) started the first 42 winners of the contest for posts in the Central apparatus of the Ministry.

This was announced by the Director of RRT the novel Pipe, which is August 16, took their oath of civil servant.

According to him, we are talking about the specialists of the departments legal Affairs, international cooperation, external communications, confidential work and information protection, internal audit service personnel.

“In the near future will be assigned to the hundreds of investigators who will begin the first criminal investigation. In addition, now runs the competition Commission, which conducts the selection for all territorial administration. After this selection we can talk about the full beginning of work of the State Bureau of investigation,” – said Roman Pipe.

The Director of the RRG plans to launch the work of the Department in full this autumn, but it will take coordination with other government agencies, primarily with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Also, the novel Tube is now engaged in the issue of premises for the Central office RRT, which must comply with the specifics of this organ, given the investigation.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law on the establishment of the RRT on 12 November 2015. The establishment of the body envisaged by the Constitution of Ukraine: it should switch from the Prosecutor’s office the functions of pre-trial investigation, and the Prosecutor’s office will remain the oversight function. The RRT will be to investigate crimes committed by senior officials and employees of the NABU and SAP, as well as war criminals.

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